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Turkey Support Assembly

The Occupy movement came into being in the wake of the Arab spring and the anti-austerity movements in Spain and Greece.
State supported neo-liberal capitalism is devastating the world in different places at different times.
Right now people in Turkey are rising against their government by creating democratic spaces in the cities and towns. While[…]

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Reclaim the Power – Occupy Assembly

Occupy Assembly on Reclaim The Power, on the steps of St Paul’s in London, August 1, 7pm.
Reclaim The Power is a direct action camp being held near West Burton in Nottinghamshire from Fri 16 – Tues 20 August.
Activists campaigning for economic, climate and social justice are coming together to support No Dash For[…]

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Grow Heathrow facing bailiffs!

The judges failed to reach a unanimous decision on the case but by majority, our appeal was dismissed and permission was granted for the owners to seek a warrant for an eviction.
On the plus side, one of the judges found that squatters as well as tenants are entitled to respect for their home under[…]

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Occupy Buddhist Action – Founding Meeting

Buddhism is a variety of traditions and practices based on the teachings of the “Awakened One” or Buddha. Each tradition emphasises different methods of training the mind with the aim of freeing the individual from suffering. Buddhism is also a rich ethical system that emphasises wisdom, kindness and compassion.
So what would a Buddhist[…]

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Police Spies out of Lives.

We agreed the following statement at the GA today :
Where we stand
The women who are bringing this case, and Occupy London, believe that:
There are no circumstances in which it would be acceptable for an undercover police officer to engage in intimate relationships with either targets or members of the public under the[…]

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#PeoplesAssembly Livestreams from London Occupiers. Open Mic.

PEOPLE’S ASSEMBLY against austerity.
Opening plenary:

First Discussions of the day.

Democracy and Decision Making.

Welfare not Warfare

Local Assemblies, Defending Public Education/Welfare State & The Sharp End.

Ewa of @NoDashforGas Reclaim the Power. Total Policing

Ruth London, OL and Fuel Poverty Action.
Question to Caroline Lucas.


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MPs, Unions and campaign groups defend the right to Occupy

One year after the Con Dem government criminalised residential squatting their next move is to criminalise all squatting including political occupations.
What would further anti-squatting laws mean for the right to protest?
We do not know exactly what form a new law would take, but we can find some clues. Section 144, the current law[…]

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Occupy London in Canary Wharf – Another World Now! People’s Assembly and FLF

What: People’s Assembly in Canary Wharf – Because democracy is too big to fail
Where: Canary Wharf. Exact location to be announced on the day
When: They Owe Us events begin from 12.30pm Friday 14 June onwards. Occupy London’s People’s Assembly begins 3pm.


This Friday in the lead up to the G8, Occupy London[…]

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Statement of Solidarity

(approved by the Occupy London General Assembly on the steps of S.Pauls on the 31st May 2013)
Occupy London stands in solidarity with all who refuse to accept the current unsustainable, unjust and undemocratic system. We want structural change towards authentic global equality.The world’s resources must go towards sustainable care-taking of people and planet,[…]

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