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Business Europe Press Debate On TTIP: Videos and Summary

Business Europe Press Debate On TTIP: Videos and Summary

Residence Palace, Brussels
Why does TTIP matter for European business? How can it lead to the establishment of world-class rules and standards? This was the main topic of the press debate organised by BUSINESSEUROPE on 23 September 2014, offering European journalists to engage with representatives from[...]

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Russell Tribunal finds evidence of incitement to genocide crimes against humanity in Gaza

September 25th 2014

For Immediate Release

The Russell Tribunal on Palestine’s Emergency Session on Israel’s Operation Protective Edge held yesterday in Brussels has found evidence of war crimes, crimes against humanity, crimes of murder, extermination and persecution and also incitement to genocide.

The Jury [1] reported: ‘The cumulative effect of the long-standing regime of[...]

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European Commission Faces Court Challenge Over Trade Talks

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Alliance to launch self-organised Citizens’ Initiative on TTIP and CETA
Stop TTIP, an alliance counting over 240 organisations from across Europe, today announced that it would be appealing to the European Court of Justice against the European Commission’s rejection of the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) on TTIP and CETA – the trade[...]

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Crossposted from Deutsche Welle
Facing sustained criticism of free trade and investor protection treaties CETA and TTIP between the EU, Canada and the USA, the German government now wants to delay approval of CETA. But a delay isn’t a rejection.
A free trade agreement between Canada and the European Union that was agreed in principle[...]

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The Criminalisation of Democratic Movements by Dan Ashman.

Last week we had a banner making session at Victoria Park in Leicester with a view to walk down to the Clock Tower holding our newly created pieces of art and then raise awareness of the impending on-shore drilling initiative that puts in further jeopardy the quality of the air, soil & water[...]

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Climate March London Images

Thousands marched at the Global Climate Change march in London.
I had a great time on this march. The sun was shining and there was plenty of colour and expression of love for the planet that we live on.
The crowd was too big to gather at Temple place.



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By Peter Dombi; cross-posted from Our Broken System
Though there are undoubtedly many bitterly disappointed people at the outcome of last night’s referendum on Scottish Independence, I personally am nowhere near so negative, and in many ways think that how things have turned out may actually have been the best possible result for those[...]

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It can be hard to tell what remains, these days, of the Occupy movement. On the third anniversary of the first protests in New York, activists are fighting one another in court for control of the Twitter handle @OccupyWallStNYC, while the flow of new articles[...]

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Livestream: Climate Jobs and Climate March 2014

Conference 2014: The International Fight for Climate Jobs – For a Future that doesn’t Cost the Earth
The International Fight for Climate Jobs – For a Future that doesn’t Cost the Earth
This conference was timed to coincide with the International People’s Climate Marches taking place on the Sunday, From London to New York[...]

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