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  • 17 Nov – Occupy London in solidarity with the Greek movement for real democracy

17 Nov – Occupy London in solidarity with the Greek movement for real democracy

  • November 17th 1973: Greek people stood up against the military dictatorship
  • November 17th 2011: Greek people are standing up against the dictatorship of financial markets
Occupy London and the Tent City University invite you to attend an event on Thursday 17th at 8:00 pm, to shed light on the current situation in Greece through films and open discussions.
In November 1973, thousands of Greek students and workers occupied the Athens Polytechnic University to overthrow the United States-backed military dictatorship. During the night of November 17th 1973 and after a series of events starting with a tank crashing through the gates of the Polytechnic, the revolt ended in bloodshed. Despite their suppression, the dictatorship was overthrown one year later.
Thirty-eight years later, the people of Greece find themselves under a new, more subtle form of undemocratic regime: that of the financial markets.
The country’s Constitution has been torn into pieces to accommodate the interests of financial institutions and the unelected Mr Lucas Papadimos, former vice-president of the European Central Bank, has been appointed the country’s new Prime Minister.


Through Greek bailouts, banks’ private debt has been transformed into sovereign debt, mainly for the French and Germans taxpayers, while savage austerity measures enforced by the EU and the IMF have impoverished the whole Greek nation.
Everywhere across Europe and the USA, governments impose austerity measures to ensure that banks do not take any of the losses or responsibility for fuelling a credit boom with increasingly risky loans, while nations go bankrupt.
The level of austerity imposed on Greece is unprecedented by Western standards, has shut any opportunity for economic recovery and preludes to the complete social destruction of the nation which is likely to take place in other European countries too.
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