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    So here is a reminder of the meeting tomorrow at 5pm at Cafe Nero.

    I have taken the things from the pirate pad (that I will print and bring to the meeting) and tidied them up in a sort of agenda (see below).
    We can discuss together the order and how much time we dedicate to every topic tomorrow, and we can add other topics if people think there are some missing. I hope this is ok for everyone. If not I can just put it aside tomorrow.

    If you can’t come but you would like to comment please do so on this pirate pad and ideally write your name beside your comment.

    For those that are coming to the meeting it would be great if you could just dedicate a few minutes to exploring the website a bit before, so you have a better of what is there already.

    See you tomorrow!




    Sections: News, Opinions, Events, Archive, Consensus statements, Ga minutes, Pcs, Vids
    Links of to articles about Occupy
    Links to similar organizations
    Improve Occupiers perspective (contributors, moderators)
    Improve Livestream pages


    WG section is impenetrable for people not involved with OL
    Loose buddypress. It’s comversome and not helpful
    Change the homepage layout to represent each WG Better, and allow for organic formations of affinity groups.


    i. Write it from a personal perspective – ‘I’ not ‘we’ – and use your name or pseudonym at the end (basically, like a blog).
    ii. Write it from an affinity/working group perspective eg “the Economics Working Group published this book”; “a group associated with the Occupy movement in London squatted this building”, “Anarchists who have nothing to do with Occupy singlehandedly defeated Capitalism” etc [the latter was a joke :D].yep
    iii. Write it from an impersonal perspective, without opinions – report the facts and quote named people (an objective report).

    [Following this protocol would mean stopping the “We, Occupy London, think/feel/announce” style Press Releases, which are problematic because they speak for everyone without first asking if there are any objections.]

    And (this was suggested by RMT & a lot of people said +1)
    Any Occupy in London platforms should not be used to directly or indirectly to undermine the efforts of, or negatively criticise, other Occupy people or groups who are working in line with our consensus Statements.


    layout and colour look early ’90s
    looks more like a webforum then a website
    Suggested theme: the same as the Occupied Times
    Just ugly: bad font, to much white.


    Change heading to “Occupy in London” ( enable & encourage all Occupy affinity groups, working groups or groups with similar values to contribute to the website (to include those who feel more affinity with the global Occupy movement than with ‘Occupy London’)