• ThumbnailWell I really shouldn’t have to say too much about this but I would ask you to please contemplate the implications, for example, the turning of a children’s playground into a profit centre, the segregation of […]

  • ThumbnailSo in no particular order:


    We all struggled through and continued to pay the price of banker failures

    Government told examiners how to mark exam papers

    Facebook went public and immediately lost […]

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    Tom Moriarty, musician and Occupier considers the abandonment of the arts in education.

    I am fascinated by the words of Nick Serota, Director of the Tate Gallery in a newspaper article today.    In the […]

  • It’s tempting to say ‘when will this government learn’ however then one thinks about the government and it’s not so much ignorance as arrogance.   It seems then that post the introduction of the £80bn Funding for […]

  • Musician and Occupier, Tom Moriarty reflects on George Osborne’s Autumn Statement


    It is the day after the budget, well the Autumn Statement, and what can I say.  Without going into the details one can […]

  • Musician, Ex City worker and Occupier, Tom Moriarty, reflects on the implications of government intentions to sell off rivers and reservoirs…


    I have to write about this one because this is exactly the […]

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