• Mike D posted an update in the group Website Development 4 years, 5 months ago

    We held the first tech ops meeting for Occupy London today at 6:30pm at The William Blake pub near Old Street station. Here are the basic important points:

    1. Getting occupylondon.org.uk 100% is the biggest concern. We should use the Website Development working group section on the site to figure out everything that needs to be done.
    – Working group address: http://occupylondon.org.uk/groups/webdev/ – requires registration.
    – Current development site: http://646576.occupylondon.org.uk/
    – Bettermeans issue tracking (needs updating): https://collaborate.occupy.net/projects/76 – requires registration.
    2. We will have another meeting in a weeks time to assess what’s been done and the next steps.
    3. Meetings won’t necessarily be weekly since we can do most stuff online.
    4. Next meeting will be Monday 14 May 6:30pm at Look Mum No Hands! (original location that was closed due to the bank holiday).

    That’s about all for now. For now me or Tom will have to create accounts on the dev site and we need to put the code into some kind of repository so we can collaboratively work. Otherwise post any and all feedback into the web dev group here.

    • Super. Thanks Mike for that. I just wanted to say though that the bettermeans is quite outdated…when looking it, use the filter for the latest posts. At the moment there are none, as those there refer to the current website and not the developer one.
      Great to have meet you all today!

    • Sorry…that sounded like a criticism. Was not my intention! 🙂 …Just wanted to clarify for the new comers who might get a bit confused.