• Jack Dean posted an update in the group Website Development 4 years, 2 months ago

    Hi all, I’m getting unhappy again about the email addresses available on the home page of the website. Since I believe this wasn’t a GA consensus thing, it falls to the web team. I would like to change the layout of this little box. I have just begun a thread on groupspaces to see what others think. If no-one here gets back to me, I might make a decision on my own… but would rather talk to others.

    • I do not agree that the box should be moved. There is also no consensus that a thing like this needs consensus. So I think we cannot decide this as a website working group.

      • I don’t think we need to move it. Who would make such a decision, I would make a strong argument for the website group to do so. How was the decision made to choose the current way the box is laid out, surely we should make this decision the same way.

        • I would make a strong case for all the current WGs emails to be on the list. I think privileging a few is creating a power hierarchy.

          • Jack. May I ask who decided to move it to the bottom? The current one was the original layout I had created. Someone else moved it to the bottom of the page without consulting anyone else. Sorry. Will not go down this road. Happy to add any other WG if they wish. No-one has asked for it.

            • I can’t help with the first part. As to the second… won’t go down which road? I’m raising an objection Vica, something I would like to solve as a problem. I’m asking for all active groups to be added to the list. that’s someone no?