• Hazel posted an update in the group Internal Communication 4 years, 4 months ago

    Collaborating with tech people on getting this website together has taken up a lot of Int Comms energy recently… content now seems to be trickling in, which is great (at last – a functioning website that everyone can contribute to – phew)… should the content trickle become a flood then more help will be probably be needed/more training sessions will be held, so that all the bits land in the right places and so on… And of course, it’s still under development.

    Int Comms isn’t all about the website… we’re still surfing around online and on the ground trying to facilitate communications between all the Occupy groups (in London, nationally, internationally, online, offline) and everyone’s welcome to help us do that. There isn’t really a method or a membership of this group – just do what seems like it needs doing to plug the communication gaps. Keep talking, keep writing, keep making connections, that kind of thing.

    Well, that’s my method..