• Hazel posted an update in the group Website Development 3 years, 10 months ago

    Um, not wanting to be negative but I don’t really like it. But perhaps if you explain the thinking behind it I might ‘get it’? 🙂

    Reasons for not liking it on first-look:
    *dark buttons in centre look ugly & more or less but not quite repeat the headings/menus at the top – which is unnecessary & confusing.
    *Hardly any actual content is visible until you scroll down – I’d rather a decent chunk of news hit me in the face straight away.
    *I’m not really sure why login exists – but anyway, I wouldn’t put it so big & central (maybe the top photo could be made a bit shorter and the login be small next to it?
    *Latest Tweets on existing site doesn’t seem to work – will it on future one? Would be good if so, but could be smaller and off to one side, allowing news to move up.

    Keen to hear other viewpoints though,

    • Thanks for your comments.
      The main thing that I wanted to show was the idea of putting the images for the media platforms on a column on the right, rather then how we have it now. That column could then be extended with other images that take you to blogs of other groups and people.
      *I agree the dark buttons don’t work there, so I will move them.
      *Regarding the content, consider it is not the updated news, as it is an old version of the website. So just keep in mind the layout, not the content.
      *unfortunately that’s not possible with this template
      *Yes, you are right Latest Tweets doesn’t work for some reason, need to find out why…

      • Thanks for explaining a bit more.

        Glad we all agree the buttons aren’t good in the middle 🙂 Do we need these buttons at all given that they repeat what’s in the headings across the top? I guess like Obi said they could be further down… so that once you’ve scrolled down you don’t have to scroll back up to move to a different page?

        As far as news go, yes, it’s not the content of the news but its position that I was referring to – I’d rather see more of it (whatever it says!) – could it be moved up the page a bit? On both the current website & your new draft version there seems to be a lot of white empty space above the news – partly becos the twitter, RSS & fb buttons take up loads of space. Perhaps they could be moved into a different column so that news starts right at the top of its column?

        • Had another look… It seems to me that much of what is currently on the front page in the right-hand column is unneccessary or would be better in a diferent place. So, there’s contact details – these would be better in a ‘contact us’ heading in the top row. There’s a list of events – but these are also accessible via the events heading. If we got rid of the unnecessary/doubled-up clutter on the front page there’d be more space for the news content and for the banners that go to other websites/blogs etc…?