Local Assemblies, Defending Public Education/Welfare State & The Sharp End.


The next step: creating local People’s Assemblies

This session will be a chance to start to plan People’s Assemblies locally. The session will split into regions and cities so you can meet people from where you live and start to plan taking action.

Featuring: Sam Fairbairn (People’s Assembly co-ordinator)

Protecting public education

With youth unemployment at an all-time high, privatisation hitting schools, colleges and universities and life-long leaning looking like a thing of the past, this session seeks to reflect on the consequences of the attacks on public education and to discuss how we can unite in defence of it. Speakers will address the riots of summer 2011, teachers’ strike action, university student occupations and the battle to bring back the education maintenance allowance, with plenty of time for contributions from the floor.

Featuring: Christine Blower (NUT), Adriano Merola Marotta (Sussex Occupation), Aaron Kiely (NUS), Alex Claxton-Mayer (school student)
Chairs: Vicki Baars (NUS), Alex Kenny (NUT)

Defending our welfare state
The Welfare State was created 65 years ago by a Labour government swept to office by millions who had fought in a war and then wanted to fight poverty. They did not want a return to the 30s. Deep austerity is bringing back mass poverty while the rich are getting richer. How can we recapture the “spirit of 45” of social solidarity to fight for our welfare state, public services, and the NHS? Clips from Ken Loach’s new film “The Spirit of 45” will be shown.

Featuring: Ken Loach, Dot Gibson (National Pensioners Convention), Eve Turner (Health and Welfare Campaigner), Young Legal Aid Lawyers
Chair: Fred Leplat (Coalition of Resistance)

At the sharp end

Child benefit has been frozen for 3 years, meaning someone with two children is over £200 worse off this year, and low paid workers’ tax credits are being cut too. From housing benefit or disability living allowance to maternity and paternity pay – cuts to in-work benefits are affecting many people’s incomes as well – and these cuts are part of the same austerity programme making those with the least pay the most. Hear from our speakers from DPAC, BARAC and PCS and discuss how we can challenge and oppose these attacks on our welfare system.

Featuring: Ellen Clifford (DPAC), Hector Wesley (BARAC), Colin Wilson (Queers Against the Cuts), Anita Wright (National Assembly of Women), Mark Serwotka (PCS), War on Welfare Petition
Chair: John McInally (PCS)


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