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Deadline 3pm 9/12 – Legal Calls for Online Witness Statements


***** Final deadline 3pm 9 December *****

The Legal work group at the Occupy LSX camp at St. Paul’s has put out a call for Witness Statements from the online community to help in the upcoming eviction case that is due to start on Monday 19th December.

Legal spokesperson, Matthew Varnham, explains “A Witness Statement allows a person to share their experiences, views, and details of their involvement with the Occupy LSX camp with the court, allowing them to have a say in the case, without having to worry about any of the repercussions of being an independent defendant. We understand that many of the online members of the community have also had a significant involvement with the camp, and by opening up the opportunity to provide Witness Statements online, we are allowing this often neglected aspect of the Occupy movement to share their experiences and provide vital evidence for the court case.”

For more details on how to provide a Witness Statement, either online or in the camp, please follow this link.

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