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How to get involved


Participate in our general or public assemblies!

There is no systematic regularity to when we call public assemblies or general ones at this point in time so please stay tuned for the next one!

General Assemblies are gatherings of people committed to discussing issues and making decisions collectively and via consensus. This is still the official decision making body of Occupy London so please feel free to participate.

Public Assemblies are usually called to promote a local campaign-issue in which decisions for that campaign alone are made.

General Assemblies are open to everyone and your input is truly valued and welcome.



Apart from on the Events page on the Occupy London website and our Facebook events page there are also events organised by the London Occupy Network on their Meet Up page.



tube-we are 99


Working groups are autonomous collections of people with real passion for positive change who work on a wide range of projects and topics. Feel to join any of the ones listed on the side-bar of this page.


Maybe you interested in organising a campaign from scratch?







occupy experience copyThe Occupy experience is here to help.







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If you are interested in forming a new working group/campaign with the Occupy name, then please
contact us for guidance through it
. The guidance will involve an information exchange.




discouragePlease do not be discouraged! The true spirit of Occupy involves working groups popping up everywhere. Strategically speaking it is altogether smarter if we all know about what each other is doing, so don’t be shy and say ‘hi’!







With the Occupy name comes the Occupy social media platforms which are still very popular. Facebook 1 + Facebook 2 + Occupy London TV + this website which still gets (Dec 2013) 400 hits a day with the occasional 2000 hit spurts. Often our Facebook posts are viewed by 8000 people within 12 hours.




crowd-smAlthough we are passionate about social justice we do not always have the people power to form new groups/campaigns effectively (but it is always worth a try if you feel passionately about something). If you have a group of people (arbitrarily speaking 5 is a good number) already formed, it is an infinitely more positive way to approach us with a new campaign in mind.




Various free, Occupy events take place across London. Our events provide spaces to learn, share knowledge, develop skills and take action. So why not attend an event or even organise your own session or workshop. It is a great way to get to know people with the same passions as you. Events such as this or this or this differ from each significantly with their various approaches to our work.

Start a debate and spread the word
Start talking in your communities, in your families, with your friends about the issues Occupy is raising. Spread the word about the Occupy movement.

Join us online
Follow the news, participate in discussions and keep up-to-date with events.

Make a donation
If you would like to make a donation to Occupy London, please visit the donations page.


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