Welcome to Occupy London!


In America, the occupation of Wall Street is entering it’s third week as people from all over the country join together in resistance of the growing social and economic injustice which grips the country.

It’s time that we too say, enough is enough. Bankers have got off scot-free whilst the people of this country are being punished for a crisis they did not create. Our National Health Service is facing privatisation, the most vulnerable in society are being cut off from support and unemployment is on the rise. Our government is doing everything in its power to maintain the status quo, ensuring that those at the top are unaffected whilst the people pay the price.

This page has been set up to start a movement led by all. It’s time to organise and march on the London Stock Exchange to occupy the area. Do everything you can to spread the word. Share on Facebook, tweet with #OccupyLSX, blog, tell your friends, anything to get this moving.

This is the start of a collective, democratic, non-violent movement to resist and say in a loud and clear voice, enough is enough.

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