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The Economics Working Group brings together a range of expertise and views to explore the causes of the economic problems which manifest themselves in austerity and inequality. Topics for discussion at the twice weekly meetings range from reacting to current events to deep structural issues. The EWG produces strategic and tactical working papers and policy documents.

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2012/03/23 Draft paper – Why OLSX Supports a Social Housing Programme

Note by admin: The paper was written by Chris Fursdon-Davis. Chris asked for comments on the paper, so please use the comment box below to post your ideas.
Why OLSX[…]

Economics Working Group March 23, 2012 July 15, 2012 Draft paper, housing, housing provision, March 2012, please comment, social housing
2012/03/23 Minutes of EWG Meeting

EWG Minutes 23rd March 2012
Peter, Chris, Mike, Sean, Rob, Janos, Dave, Clive
1. Minutes of meeting on Monday 19th March approved
2. Numbers of attendees – 70 on the[…]

Economics Working Group March 26, 2012 July 15, 2012 EWG meeting, March 2012, minutes
2012/03/26 EWG Minutes

EWG Meeting minutes 26th March 2012
1. 23th March meeting minutes – approved
2. Chris Cook – Background: fraud investigation; AFBD; compliance at IPE; law and
accountancy; OTC holidngs/OilClear. Concentrating[…]

Economics Working Group April 16, 2012 July 15, 2012 EWG meeting, March 2012, minutes
2012/03/30 EWG Meeting minutes

1. Meeting minutes 26th March 2012 – approved. No EWG meeting on Good Friday or Easter
Monday (6th and 9th April).
2. Banking – need to focus on what brought[…]

Economics Working Group July 15, 2012 July 15, 2012 EWG meeting, March 2012, minutes
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