Great Films About OccupyLSX


 Molly Shapes History

  Tent City Uni teach-in outside Bank of England

  Voices from the Occupation

  A Movement in Slow Motion


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  1. Can we release these under creative commons?

  2. Jon – These videos are terrific. Thanks for making them. I am very active with Tent City University, and would love to speak with you more about video, screening, placing this within a global, comparative context with other cities and countries. I’ve been speaking with Chris who runs the cinema about putting together an international evening soon. Do please contact me at at Im at st pauls quite often. J

  4. super rich socialists like tony blair say ‘ha ha, i am sooo rich, lovely init’

    How much more money would the UK government get in every year if it managed to collect every penny it was owed in taxes?

    There are various estimates of the size of this ‘tax gap’. The government’s estimate puts it at around £45bn. Other estimates suggest something over £100bn.

    • Tony blair witch is the one responsible for dropping banking regs and taxes and putting us in this mess. And he is now the most enriched ex PM britains ever had. And his biggest bribes, er, payoffs, no i mean retainers of course,come from the city and wall street.when he went to kuwait on behalf of the palestinians, he failed miserably at helping palistine, but the kuwaity royal 1% did send him a check for himself? a smidgen over 40 million dollars. on a visit paid for by the UN. can any1 say BENT TONY?? His new tag!!!

  5. Wonderful, why don’t these videos feature on the BBC?!

    • the bbc???? hahaha that is sooo funny. the beeb only do ads for the government, the royal family and they have a rescued puddytat story on last, so we can all go to bed knowing all is right with the world. ahhh

  6. I made you a stupid but very short video today:


  7. Because the thieves at the bbc are criminals? Obviously videos like this do not fit the bbc agenda! Remember when the bbc reported building 7 falling 20 minutes before it actually did? Have you seen the laughable 9/11 road trip? Which is full of bare faced lies!

    The fact that the bbc can demand money via force for them to operate tells you what kind of organisation they are!

    Btw did you know that you do not need a tv licence to watch on demand services? I have simply ignored their threats and stopped paying since i learned this!

    Anyway, keep up the good work everyone! So glad to see the movement growing! Try to show the world how things should and can be done! Don’t get like occupy wall street who are fighting over money! This is something we’re supposed to be fighting against! My advice would be to use the money! But spend it ethically! Use local small businesses etc! Buy some patio heaters! Make life comfortable for the people there! That is what the donations are for! Please do not hoard it like some capitalist scum! good luck everyone.

    • wasnt the gestapo based on the bbc, or am i thinking of something else??

  8. your videos actually made me shed a tear, you need to get these out I have posted a couple on my wall hopefully my friends will sit up and listen. bless you all keep up the fantastic work xxx

  9. thanks for putting these videos up. They are very motivating and have pulled me back to keep trying to fight for wellness.

    I must say that the BBC did do a good piece on the health and safety issue of the site last night by getting their own surveyor assessing the camp and showed some evidence that it is safe and well organised, it gave the site 71/2 to 8 out of 10 and said that it just needs little bit of tweaking of sanitary provisions.

    I just wish the BBC and other media was not controlled so much. It is clear from the BskyB scandal that this is still a problem and there is still no change occurring. They seem to be keeping some things local and some national when they report it and the concern is the negativity seems to be national news.

    I am sure there is a lot more the press could expose, but are not. Let’s hope they stop ‘suppressing’ and start ‘expressing’ what is in the national interest about government, police and corporation connections.

    I am glad to see some politicians failing to be whipped into conforming. the gang-like behaviour in politics needs to stop so they can represent their constituents. More of this please. Come back to the people.

  10. Russia Today constantly has coverage of all the occupy protests and it is brilliant, I know it is a propaganda channel but it is just good to see what is going on. Take from it what you want, channel 85 freeview. Max Keiser Rules!!!!

    • yes he does!! i told max and stacy to run as the OWS presidential candidates if they will have them of course. declare a state of emergency and sign a presidential order to evict, exspose and investigate its activities. why are the feds shareholders lists classified anyway? does any1 know? is it shame or fear??

      • oops that was to evict the fed!! seem to have probs trying to get things i say about the fed res to go online. theyre on to me, cos i know im not paranoid!?! I AM NOT PARANOID!!!

  11. A little off topic, but as we’re talking about films, this has to be at least a little inspirational 😉

    Of course, I’d leave out the unneccersary fireworks and plough the cash into public housing, but the intentions are fine

    while you shed a tear maybe more tents should be filled for the real truth….empty tented protest I think so.

    • On the 24th and the 25th October The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Telegraph and The Times published articles claiming that 9 out of 10 tents at the Occupy protest at St Paul’s were empty. This has since been proven to be false and deliberately misleading information based on inaccurate and/or fabricated sources. I draw your attention to the following:

      1) The Daily Mail claimed they had obtained ‘footage from a thermal imaging camera shot by a police helicopter’ that revealed the camp is ‘almost completely empty’ during the night, calling the protest a ‘big charade’ as a result. The Sun also claimed to have received ‘images collected by a police helicopter’s thermal imaging camera’ which led them to conclude the protest was a ‘phantom occupation.’ However, since then the police have categorically denied that ‘neither details of the thermal imaging cameras nor the occupancy estimates had come from them.’ A police spokesperson told The Guardian: “We’ve no idea where this has come from but the point is it hasn’t come from us. We haven’t commented on this.”

      2) The Telegraph also cite a police helicopter as the source of the images (link one from the Telegraph), but also claim to have ‘shot its own video of the St Paul’s camp using thermal imaging equipment which appears to confirm these claims’ (link two from the Telegraph). However, close inspection of the Telegraph’s own footage reveals that it cannot infact see if a person is inside a tent or not. In the following screenshot from the Telegraph’s video you can see a protestor’s leg evaporating from sight behind a tent:

      The above has been confirmed by another video shot at St Paul’s which uses *exactly* the same thermal imagine camera which demonstrates that one cannot tell from this camera whether or not someone is inside a tent:

      This is also supported by a scientist specialising in camouflage who has said that such thermal imaging cameras would not be able to see inside camping tents:

      This a blatant and deliberate distortion of information. It is blatant because all of the sources these newspapers claim to support their accusations are clearly inaccurate and/or fabricated. It is deliberate because this is clearly part of a concerted attempt by the media to slander the protests and turn public opinion against them by concealing their own views and agendas as objective truth. This is clearly in direct violation of the Editor’s Code.

      1. Accuracy

      i) The Press must take care not to publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted information, including pictures.

      ii) A significant inaccuracy, misleading statement or distortion once recognised must be corrected, promptly and with due prominence, and – where appropriate – an apology published. In cases involving the Commission, prominence should be agreed with the PCC in advance.

      iii) The Press, whilst free to be partisan, must distinguish clearly between comment, conjecture and fact.

  13. Another video to keep the optimism up at Occupy LSX, was made on the 15th of October but it’s nice to remember how everyone got together in the first instance and how motivated people are for change.


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