GA Minutes – 7pm Wednesday 7th December 2011


Minutes for the General Assembly 7pm, 7th December 2011

Facilitator: Phil

Theme: Outreach

Intro: by J of the Outreach WG.

Outreach WG has produced badges, posters, flyers, networked with the public, organized outreach events, hosted a national outreach event, organized for occupy speakers to visit groups.

Upcoming outreach events: 15th December, ‘Occupy Everywhere’

This can be either a one off ‘flash mob’ type event or a more lasting localized community event.

Flash mobs may not have a lasting legacy unlike a localized community event but the second would require more planning. Discuss the pros and cons of both.

Outreach ideas and suggestions:

Outreach to schools (Q&A format), Kids day (on half term), coordinate with youth movement WG, ‘Occupy our neighbourhoods’ could involve banner drops, pop-up events, have a Saint Pauls Saturday assembly that invites local groups from London. Liaise with inter-faith WG to access religious spaces. Maintain a contacts book on behalf of enquiring volunteers that come through the info tent. Art Day, posters designed to put in home/shop windows. Pamphlet on how to occupy your neighbourhood. Discussion on a free University. University lecturers have already expressed a wish to have 10 week courses at the Band of Ideas as foundation courses for degrees. Have a resources page on-line.

‘Occupy Everywhere’ 15th December. Contact local groups. If you need help the Outreach WG have extensive contacts already ( Set up a website,

In Vienna there was an ‘Occupy Christmas Market.’

Break out groups: 2 group formed, (1) addresses general outreach, (2) addresses 15th December.

Feedback from (1)

Info tent needs to make better use of emails left by passing people. Tell people how they can get involved. Go out to local communities, listen to people, use the internet, set up holistic cooperatives as part of an alternative system. Info tent needs more info to give to people. Pensioners might like more involvement, share the consensus model with your families amongst other groups. Investigate what care values we have. Participate in promoting local assemblies. Use occupied Times.

Feedback from (2)

Occupy closed public buildings e.g. libraries – which would require building local connections. In Hackney there are plans for a pop-up occupy outside the Town Hall then move to London Fields for a social. Have a guided tour of neighbourhoods. Be in touch with national people. Book a coach to go to the Edinburgh conference. Use flags or t-shirts in your window of your home as solidarity. Living wage campaign – flash mobs tactic – occupy could do a joint action with this group (LWC). Occupy Radio is being set up – use it! Also call-in to chat shows on other stations.

Outreach contact:

Monday 10:30 Salvation Army Café

Wednesday 2pm Salvation Army Café

Thursday 6pm – Ye Old London (or occasionally Bank of Ideas)


Working Group Feedback

Bank Of Ideas: D15 practical ideas group meeting tomorrow, Thursday at BofI 6pm, building up to the national/global strike on the 15th May 2012.

  • There is a lack of people of colour in Occupy. What is the barrier? Make Occupy more mixed and get more people involved. Occupy would be stronger for it. Think of an event and invite different ethnic community groups e.g. Somali.

Tent City University: Has been supporting Outreach WG.

  • Is there racism on site? If so then it needs to be tackled. It is a loss to occupy AND ethnic communities if they do not get involved.

Important dates: 10-18th December Global week of activities.

10th December is Human Rights Day

18th December is Immigrant Day

  • How about Occupy celebrates ‘Martin Luther King Day’ in January 2012?
  • The issue of Sexism and Racism in occupy needs to be addressed. Women and people of colour have experienced sexism and racism: being ignored, being bullied. As a result many have being leaving.


Welfare WG: Has not operated very well. Is now restructuring. There is now a daily drop-in between 4pm-8pm. But it needs more volunteers.

Feedback from FSA meeting: It was not very exciting. FSA are restructuring (effectively disbanding). Occupy asked several difficult questions some of which Sants anticipated. The feeling amongst Occupy was that there was not much point in another such meeting. Ken Costa and the Bishop of London (organizers) said nothing. Was this a PR exercise? Yes, for both parties.

  • Those that went, it should be noted, were not representatives of Occupy. There was no discussion at the GA about this, people felt betrayed by Occupy meeting with the FSA.

Those that went spoke to the press as ‘individuals’. Full minutes were taken.

  • Should we call a press conference?
  • We should continue putting pressure on such institutions by trying to talk with someone higher up.
  • Will the Press team make it clear that those in attendance were not there as Occupy representatives?

There was no livestream, no filming inside, no media inside.

  • Who arranged/invited the media to the interview session after the talks?

We had an occupier film maker there filming after the talks.

Bank of Ideas: Trying to keep cohesion between Satin Pauls and BofI. Every Wednesday and Saturday there is supposed to be joint GA’s between the three sites at Saint Pauls but not many turned up.

Application to overturn the possession order was turned down. BofI has 7-14 days in which to have an application for appeal heard. Everyone from Saint Pauls are welcome to sleep at the BofI providing you participate in the many tasks of occupy. Someone was arrested this morning at the Sparks wildcat strike. There are rolls of carpet available at BofI if anyone needs them. BofI also has some stencils donated by a renowned graf artist for common use.

Judicial Reform WG: There is a talk on litigation at Tent City on Thursday 3pm.

Art Day: 10th December there is a call out to people to come and decorate LSX. 12-4pm.



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