GA Minutes – 7pm Wednesday 21st December 2011


Evening General Assembly, 21 December 2011

Location: Steps of St Paul’s

Facilitator: Jamie

Minutes: Vicky

Agenda: Mix of music and discussion involving a lot of young people and first-time visitors to Occupy LSX. Artists: Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly!, Pete the Temp, Itch from the King Blues, Lowkie, Alabama 3, Chris TT plus a range of comedians and poetry. Discussion in groups of 5. Questions: What issues should Occupy focus on? How can we make outreach more effective? What can we do individually to help Occupy?

Sam: Get Cape, wear cape fly!

James: Introduction to Tent City University

Jamie: Introduction to Occupy: have been here since the 15th November, how GA’s work etc.

Tammy: In court at the moment. Talking about why we are here. Poem what the Occupation means

Jamie: explanation of Jazz hands

Pete The Temp: Reads poem: ‘I am Sparticus’ and ‘Computer says no!’

Jamie: have occupied an old magistrates courth near Old Street: plans to put the 1% on trial

Itch from the King Blues: Spoken word: ‘What if punk never happened’ and ‘5 bottles of shampoo’

Jamie: what Occupy hand signals mean and direct democracy

Lowkie: Speech and parts of 3 songs

Jamie: Discussion in groups of 5. Three questions:

1) What issues should Occupy focus on?

2) How can we make outreach more effective?

3) What can we do individually to help Occupy?

[discussion groups]

Jamie: Feedback from discussions…

Group 1:

– For outreach we can do the ‘hokey kokey’ with statements on our back

– 3 monkey’s game outside target buildings (banks etc)

– Network with everyone we know – get bands to dedicate songs to Occupy

– Aim high

– Promote Occupy on London eye/tube etc – talk to people


Group 2:

Occupy to focus on:

– Homelessness

– Welfare and radicalisation in politics

– A 5 point declaration may be more effective than 10 point statement

– Co-ordinate international Occupies, especially taking inspiration from Iceland


– Keep it simple

– Use catch phrases to hook public attention and support

– Use tools such as google and youtube to raise awareness

– Lobby – coordinate what we’re saying, to who and when (LobbyLSX tweet)

What can we do:

– Educate ourselves and teach each other

– Organise ourselves and others to have a coordinated impact

– Recruit volunteers and outreach everywhere to spread the word!


Group 3:

Occupy focus on:

– Corporate tax evasion (strike whilst iron is hot – topic in media and public agenda)

– Critical reading of the news and distorted power of the media

– Secret societies and small private interests dominating government


– People’s Assemblies

– Use social media and the internet

– Disturb and disrupt people’s ‘trance’

– Use the arts (events, exhibitions) to raise awareness and engage people

– Use the media – take back the media

What can we do:

– More events to engage people

– Bring friends and family to meetings

– Have an improved welcome capacity at the camp

– Spread the word: fly posting across London more widely


Group 4:

Occupy to focus on:

– Awareness and education, for example the ownership of the central banks and private money creation

– Move away from the ‘blame culture’ – look at roots of behaviour in society and how we can address them

– Specific financial reform


– SBTV youth channel & youth broadcast online

– Doorstep people – question politicians etc as they come out of their houses etc – force them to address these questions

– Events and music to get people involved

What can we do:

– Donate to Occupy and recycle our old things

– Spread the mission statement of Occupy

– Help take over disused buildings


Group 5:

Occupy to focus on:

– Corporate tax evasion (strike whilst iron is hot – topic in media and public agenda)


– Get more young people involved – go to universities/colleges

– Middle ground: there re people who have limited time & lots of responsibilities, so can get them involved in the Bank of Ideas events etc

– Use celebrities and people with clout to promote the message

What can we do:

– Link struggles to one another to have one message (Occupy & Indignados etc)


Group 6:


– Problem with bad media representation of Occupy

– More activities and music events

– Need to explain the cause and why we’re here so people can easily be involved

– Make Occupy more personal to people – there are widespread issues, we can have something everyone can relate to

– Involve more young people – use facebook and teaching aids

– Occupy public transport

Group 7:

Personal account of Occupy: first though that people were there selfishly: only discussing issues that effected them in their personal lives directly, rather that international and wider issues, but having come down can see that it is not that at all and infact Occupy relates to and talking about global issues.

What should we focus on:

– Local and international movements and unify them


– Events

– Occupy other cities and show solidarity as a country

What we can do:

– Visit the site, talk to people, involve friends & educate people

Technical point: nearly all Occupy sites across the world already directly linked by email etc.

Shoutout (Karina, from “Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly”): If it is your first time at Occupy, hope you can feel at home and as though your ideas are listened to and valued as I did when I first came here.

Shout out (Colin): Proposal to challenge the Lord Mayor of London position by standing for election in May, get young people across 33 London boroughs to vote. From this position can work towards devolving power to the 99% by increasing power to the parishes & create a horizontal system of government. Will hold meeting to discuss tomorrow.

Shout out (Denis): Poem about Occupy

Music: Alabama 3



5 Responses to “GA Minutes – 7pm Wednesday 21st December 2011”

  1. I am proud and happy to be part of Occupy. If we “win” the court case it will be a precedent for all occupiers globally, particularly in Egypt, but also in America. Love and peace to all, please be gentle, Lilias x

  2. It was the first GA I’d been to in a while, complete waste of time. The same sort of questions we were discussing two months ago. Occupy has gone stale and uninteresting, no wonder there are only about 30 people at GAs now instead of 2-300 as previously.

    • What wouold you have preferred to have been discussed, or to have happened?

      Genuine question.

    • Reading these notes and the latest papers I can’t see where this is going. The papers say the camp is a repository for mental health and homeless cases, not to mention criminality. Is this why the 200/300 have been driven away? It should have been moving the opposite way surely? Where are the new ideas, what would represent progress?

  3. May be it is the case that the same things need to be discussed over and over in order that we ALL understand rather than just a few
    What a meany pegs U are J!


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