GA Minutes – 7pm Thursday 29th December 2011

General Assembly 29th December 2011
Minutes: Catherine
Portaloos:  Because of the bank holiday coming up, getting them cleaned up is expensive.
Decision: 31st and 1st, no cleaning, 2nd they will be emptied (£200)
Gas bottles: Should we buy another one, before the bank holiday?
We need to find out how long one lasts, because we have got one new bottle as of today.
Donation problem: Some people are taking advantage of it by going to people on the camp and directly asking for money.
Decision:  Donation box will only be in the Info tent, plus we could try to get the stuff we need (gas bottle etc.), instead of buying them.
American Bill:  Anyone who is considered to be a terrorist could be arrested and held without a trial.
A press release has been written, discussion on what terminology should be used (what type of a camp?) Consensus, the term concentration camp will not be used, but an explanation/definition could be added.
A letter by either City of London Police or Metropolitan Police, suggesting that LSX is a group of terrorist.
So it makes the situation extra important, plus only the Guardian wrote about it. There is a serious media blockage.
Banners:  We don’t have banners showing why we are here.
Dennis and a bunch of others will meet tomorrow (30th), in the same tent and make banners, but it’s better to do it at the Bank of Ideas, because of the possible rain tomorrow.
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