GA Minutes – 7pm Saturday 17th December 2011


Minutes of the General Assembly (St Paul’s), 7pm Saturday 17th Dec 2011

Update from working groups

New working group: Environmental and economics. Every Saturday @ cafe Nero basement. Starts 7th January 3.30pm.

Shelter working group: Trying to make camp look neat and functional. Rota-every morning someone is clearing up. Lifting up tents for periods of coldness. No accommodating after 10pm.

International solidarity working group: International contacts/interests. One tent completed for group.

Press group: Court case begins Monday. Good press begins tomorrow. Organising plans for the Christmas period. Appeal for assistance at press meeting.(international meet at 4pm Sunday).

Technology and livestream working group: Unanimous vote that this group should have access to Facebook etc password. Responses: mike has password. Anyone who has a need for the password I general gets out.

Sanitation group: Needs more people (only 2 volunteers). Bank of ideas. Co-ordination meeting tomorrow. Process meeting 9.30 am Starbucks. Emergency general meeting tomorrow (7pm st Paul’s).

Bank of ideas: St Paul’s support working group. Discussion of shifts. Evictions and support as a camp. (possibility of eviction mon, tues, Wednesday, Thursday). Meeting at bank of ideas. Every morning except Monday’s 12 pm. Volunteers from the bank of the ideas will then visit St Paul’s.

Environmental working group: Green day tomorrow from 10am. Eminent speakers + discussion.

Comment: Concern about transparency with accounts. Petition that accounts should be printed each day (64 signatures). Ga voted that every expenditure should be voted at ga. Posted online forum. All information should be posted in information tent (unanimous vote). It should be put the forum that all accounts are now transparent (I.e press release).

Press team: Shouldn’t have total autonomy. Suggestion, ga should decide what is released in the press.

Suggestion: Finance should request to press release on transparency. There should be a fast response from the press teams to radio London etc…. Statement from press team should respond strongly and investigate biased or unfair press (eg daily telegraph).

Comment: Involvement with general media can be dangerous. How can we make the public understand occupy London?

Comment: Training workshop-to give key points to those involved with press.

Comment: Three key points should be given to the info tent everyday. The press are not friends. They are owned by the 1% were fighting against. They want to get the message to the people.

Comment: Every view given to press should be a personal response.
Comment: Mission statement for occupy.

Comment: How to identify a journalist (the job of the press team wether or not they remain on site should be to describe the situation as we communicate it to them.)

Comment: Should a spokesperson represent the whole movement?

Comment: The majority of people know why their here- a spokesperson has too much power.

Comment: Each of us has a point of view and should be their own spokesperson.


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