GA Minutes – 7pm Friday 16th December 2011


General assembly, 7pm 16th December 2011WG FEEDBACK

EEE: Big green day sunday 10 am-10pm. Economy and the environment. Effects on the people. Speakers, poets, music. Come and learn and join in.

Economics: Bonuses: development of a website advising people on what banks are more equitable. It has worked in NL. FSA: Was said that we needed to contact the treasury select committee. Investigating an approach to them. Promoting our agenda. See if we can get any movement on what we want to change. Two approaches: 1 tax havens, 2 credit systems about the banks. We will let you know what we are doing.

Legal: People who did a witness statement have had their details published online . People can meet tomorrow at 10:30 at Starbucks.Criminal law investigation: 3pm Meet tomorrow at Family room  at Tate modern
Framework for the group and an initial press statement. Themes: Banks, Family law, War crime.

Shelter: Anyone needs a tent tonight? Anyone at BOI o Finsbury must come and get there tents otherwise they will be taken down. All the things go to the surplus tent. After 3 weeks they are considered property of the camp.

Facilitator: Main discussion. We are bringing 3 things to the discussion tonight.

Johanna Maisy (?):
All aspects of a social movement can come down to three things:
Action, inner change, structure.
Let’s use this for 3 discussion topics.
We should do this to discuss about Occupy. It has been done online.Structure: what happens after st.paul’s? What structures should remain: wg, ga,
Inner change: racism, sexism, sustaining ourselves, exhaustion.
Action: can we embrace direct action? Is there room for all forms of direct action.


Many ideas.
Form legal structures based on existing models.
Set up eco-villages, to live out our values.
Keeping some presence at st. Paul’s.
Keep on doing general assemblies, also massive ones for example in Trafalgar square.
Work with existing groups, connect with them, but remain different.
Stay different stay radical.
Occupy circus travelling the country.
Use the internet more, online GAs, provide ways for people to vote online.
Start planning what we would like to see after an economic crash.


What will happen when we get evicted.
Show no violence.
A face to show to the media.
So we want to stay on our terms, or walk away.
People remember things that are out of the ordinary.
We need to think of ways of protest that can have an effect.
We are the voice of the 99. We need to come up with a better solution for after.
If we are evicted black tape on our mouth to show we are being shut up.
Guerilla gardening.
Occupy signs in windows.
Don’t confuse the tactic with the objectives.
Brainstorms on actions.
Actions that engage the public. Visual images.
Keep creative on actions. Have GAs on brainstorming on actions.


Some people feel left out of the process. Half of the camp is empty. There is not much sense of community. People feel they are left out. That they don’t have a voice.
We need to address this as much as  can.
A tent where people can come to talk about how they can engage.
People don’t feel they are included.

? We have some conflicts
Inner change is not just about each of us. It’s about inner change of the moment.
It is a reflection of society, people with different backgrounds…their backgrounds are emerging in the movement.
We are engaging with them, even if they don’t want to come to GAs, they need to feel that they are being heard.
We should have space for people to speak. Entering the GA is entering a structure. Not a community talking together.

? Everything that is going on here is more important then my own life.
but the structure is too rigid. How do I contribute to your agenda. It is not clear to me. I consider your agenda my agenda, but I don’t know how to contribute. There are so many aspects that I want to be able to have that conversation with you. Why should I be here.

? I was wondering if questioning our class contiousness is also committing to non-violence.

Paul: we need a core space where people can engage. Safe, non confrontational. Build bridge.

Earthian: tomorrow that place should be up.

?: I have a few ideas about how things could be done.
I have trouble to find out about the centre of things, you are passed from one person to the other. I can’t understand how things work so to help how to improve.

You need to find your way to change in your life.
You can come to us, but we can’t do that for you.
You need to find your way around.

I understand that.
But you need to be able to let people engage.

Find out a WG.
We don’t want a head.

? There is another point I would like to make. For people who are not able to attend a GA , so it is hard for people to engage all the time.
Using consensus. Blocking can stop the movement. Everyone is pulling in different direction.

?: we need to be able to voice ourself in many ways. We will be more powerful if we can do that together. We need to particularise it at the same. We should try to make things simple.

Occupy is good in action.
We have some good structures but there is still a lot to do .
Inner change, not enough going on there. We need to work on that.



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