GA Minutes – 1pm Friday 16th December 2011


Minutes of the General Assembly, 1pm Friday 16.12.11

Facilitator: Phil

Minutes: Phil



Working Group feedback:

EEE WG: There is a Big Green Day at Saint Paul’s on Sunday 18th December including talks and workshops.

Church Liaison: In reference to the new church crowd barriers that have encircled the Saint Paul’s cobble plaza, they were not supposed to be erected for some time to come (as agreed with the church). The tents were not supposed to be moved to accommodate the barrier as has happened. Can campers remember that whilst some staff at the Cathedral are sincere, others are trying to provoke us. The barriers will remain there until after Christmas.

Legal ‘Eviction’ WG: The camp at Saint Paul’s has just been served with more papers today. Legal team has not had time to read through them but the thrust seems to be that they claim as we have no end date to the camp we are at risk of becoming permanent. We have an issue which is that our solicitors have not served us any paperwork. Though there is talk of disbanding the legal eviction WG, the view of this WG is that it still has a role to play. The Legal Team must continue to engage with the solicitors representing us.

[Tammy] I am disappointed that the GA never had a talk on what should be said in court. I will be giving evidence and want to represent our entire camp. Also Todner solicitors (our representatives) have still not sat down with me on giving evidence and court is on Monday.

[Em] Who is organizing the 7pm GA – perhaps we could have this discussion then.

[Facilitator] We can find time to discuss this at todays 7pm GA, agenda also includes Democracy

[Jules] Why has the Corporation of London published online all the personal details of our witnesses, including names, addresses and telephone numbers?

[Tammy] Are lawyers are looking into this

[Paul] You can file for damages

[Tammy] I still do not have copies of our defence. I want consensus from the GA that the we agree to tell the solicitors to release the defence paperwork to me [Tammy].


Tranquillity WG: [Jules] Emergency meeting called yesterday (Thursday) morning in relation to assaults, sexual molestation, men in women’s yurt etc. Results were 20 people offered to join tranquillity but not one of them turned up to their shift.

[Shezz] Tranquillity were pissed of that they were taking on board a load of volunteers whom they did not know.

[Jules] We do not like the ‘warning whistles’ proposal form the emergency meeting as such whistles could be used by drunk people to cause confusion at night. The idea of having volunteers is great but they need to be inducted into how to deal with problems. There is a risk of excessive vigilante behaviour from a large tranquillity group.

Sanitation: [John] I have been doing sanitation but want to pass on the work. Tomasch will help take over but we need other volunteers.

Interim-Finance Group: We continue receiving finance requests from WG’s through the info tent or online. Please bring your receipts on Monday to the finance drop-in meeting at 11am in Starbucks.

Info: The tent needs volunteers.


Proposal: To Request all people sleeping at the Bank of Ideas to commit 5 hours a week at Saint Paul’s to help run the camp.

-Bank of Ideas would not care about this as they have been asked many times and never come to help (apart from Mark and very few others).

-We should cut their funding as they take money

-We should be careful about wording as we do not want to create divisions.

-No, the bank of ideas have already said they do not want to be part of us.

-Bank of Ideas is living off of our hard work in terms of publicity, funds and the name we created here at Saint Paul’s. They could not do what they did without us.

[minutes cease]

Proposal put to consensus

1 block; reason given is that Bank of Ideas should have funding cut off immediately as they would never adhere to this proposal.

Proposal put to GA a second time: To Request all people sleeping at the Bank of Ideas to commit 5 hours a week at Saint Paul’s to help run the camp.

With 1 Amendment: That this is a trial run starting on Tuesday for 1 week upon which it will be reviewed. If BofI have not assisted us then new measures can be discussed.

(original block by Paulo is withdrawn)

1 Block; reason given is that 1 Week is too long to see if they comply. Two days would be better. Also how would we know if they have been here to help?

Paulo introduces a counter proposal:

We give the Bank of Ideas two days to tell us how best they think they can help Saint Paul’s.

[Inca] I would like to withdraw this proposal.

[Facilitator] Accepted. We shall move on to the next proposal coming from Paul from Legal


Proposal: To restructure the GA’s so that we have a clear Saint Paul’s GA and a clear Occupy LSX GA

[Paul] Our identity at Saint Paul’s is in question as we seem to represent our camp AND Occupy London. We at Saint Paul’s are denied access passwords to the website and facebook. We can not operate efficiently if we have to forward material to BofI where the WG’s with the passwords are now based.


Consensus reached unanimously to get the passwords for the website, face book and other media outlets for those that have a legitimate need for them.


End of GA













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