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GA Assembly proposals on banking reform – Wednesday 16 November


Wednesday 16th Nov banking reform proposals

Group 1

The government and the Head of bank of england to resign
Investigate and reform/regulate the banks

Group 2

Tobin Tax
Seperation of investment and retail banking
Banking transparency and the elimination of tax heavens

Group 3

Remove money from Banks and move to credit union
Time based barter system where people exchange work time rather than money notes

Group 4

Tobin tax
Credit rating agency investigation and regulation
land value tax
Global veaganism to reduce pressure on land

Group 5

Tobin Tax
Conversion to a credit based monetary system
seperation of retail and investment banks
Classification of all derivitives as insurance products, prohibiting the ownership of risk protection unless you can prove liability for that risk. (no benefit from others misfortune)
Ending Corporate personhood and seperating commercial regulation from human law.


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