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Friern Barnet People’s Library – A love story, past and present


• An afternoon; of stories, photos, short films, food and histories
• 1pm to 5pm………………..


• History of the building and local area
• Libraries; more than a public service
• The campaign to save Friern Barnet Library
• One Barnet – what does it mean?
• Local campaigns – what works?
• Direct action and the Friern Barnet library occupation
• Occupy and local communities – Meet the Occupiers!
• Have your say! Open mic

Bring food and conversations to share.
This is a friends and family event! All welcome.

In September the local community and activists re-opened Friern Barnet Library. Barnet Council had closed the library in April, despite strong opposition.The occupation of the library is a direct action that has highlighted the massive community support for Friern Barnet Library.

Barnet Council has started legal proceedings to evict the groups and wishes to continue its plan to sell the building and surrounding land in the near future. Despite this legal challenge, the support is stronger than ever. Your library is not just a place to borrow books (we have over 8000 now!) but it is also a community space which offers free activities to all. We are open from Monday to Saturday, 11am to 7pm.

How to get involved
• Come and meet us – we have organising meetings every Monday at 6pm.
• Make yourself heard – phone, email, text, tweet and visit Barnet Council and explain why Friern Barnet is so important to you.
• Sign up to help in the library – the library can sustain itself in this interim period if we all get involved! You could volunteer for a short shift or contribute in any way you can.
• Donate – check the wish list at the library and online. We are also collecting to support the court case.

Friern Barnet Rd, N11 3DR
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• sites.google.com/site/savefriernbarnet library
• facebook.com/groups/friernbarnetpeopleslibrary/
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• friernbarnetcommunitylibrary@gmail.com
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