Finance Group FAQs


Q. I’m a member of a working group. How should I approach Occupy LSX for reimbursement of my expenses?

A. Requests for funds must be made in advance of spending.

Fund request forms are available at the Information Tent at Finsbury Square or via email ( Requests are  discussed and either approved, declined or postponed by Occupy London’s sovereign body, the General Assembly.

Only in exceptional circumstances will money already spent be refunded. All working group members are cautioned not to spend their own money on Occupy actions/items unless they can afford to do so.

Q. I’d like to donate to Occupy London. What’s the best way for me to do that?

A. Since the OccupyLSX site was evicted we’ve lost our main collection point. If you’re in London, pop in to the Info Tent at Finsbury Square and donate towards camp upkeep. Otherwise, please go to the website, click the donate button and follow the instructions there.

Alternatively, you can bring donations of food to the Finsbury Square kitchen or visit the Information Tent at FS to find out what other items Occupy is in need of (always duct tape, pens and whiteboard markers!).

New working groups have recently been set up to look into additional means of fundraising and re-sourcing. If you can help, please contact us and we’ll pass your details on to the relevant people.

Q. I’m an occupier. Who decides what expenses get paid? Can I have my say?

A. The Finance General Assembly decides where funds should be allocated. All occupiers are welcome to come along to the GA and help to make the decisions. Every occupier has an equal say.

Q. Who are the Finance Group? Do you look after finances for all of Occupy London?

A. The Finance group is a working group comprised of occupiers. Like all working groups it is open to accepting to new members. The Finance group aims to look after the funds but does not make decisions about where to allocate funds.

Currently, all working groups – including finance – are London-wide.

Q. How much money do you spend each week? 

A. Every week Occupy London tries to spend no more than has been received in donations during the preceding week.

Q. Do you pay tax on your donations? 

A. Occupy London is not a company. It sells nothing and makes no profits therefore we are not liable to pay tax. We do, however, keep accurate books of donations and expenditures and will by year end have accounts that can be inspected by HMRC if necessary.

Q. I thought you lot were against the banks. Isn’t it a bit ironic that you have a bank account? 

A. Yes, it is! Occupy London acknowledges this and we regularly debate the necessity and/or desirability of having a bank account.

We have decided to accept gifts of money from supporters who want us to use that money to pursue social, economic and environmental justice on behalf of the 99%. We are pragmatic enough to realise that at present a bank is the safest place to store this money, especially as our local credit unions don’t deal with groups, only individuals.

We have chosen to bank with the Co-operative Bank because this is one of the most ethical options currently available.

Q. I’ve seen reports in the media that people had flights paid for by Occupy London. Is this the case?

A. No, this is nonsense!


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  1. That seems nice and clear. Good on you. x

  2. Could the page also point out the part that Capitalism is not a choice?

    We work within the framework of the current system and evolving to a better one.

    We don’t even have a Fractional Reserve Banking system anymore. It’s a bankrupt system with Banks creating money out of thin air.


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