The Warrior’s Call – a public pagan ritual to protect Albion from Fracking.

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Date(s) - 28/09/2013
12:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Glastonbury Tor


The Warrior's Call - a public pagan ritual to protect Albion from Fracking.

The Warrior’s Call – a public pagan ritual to protect Albion from Fracking.

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The Warrior’s Call is an international upsurge of deeply held spiritual love for this land. It is not a ‘protest’. It is something far, far deeper. Around the World on the 28th of September, rituals (both large and small) will be held to protect these sacred islands from harm. Although we all come from many different pagan paths, on that day we will speak with one voice. The Warrior’s Call is that unified voice. And it sings with the blessings of the Goddesses and Gods.

Albion is in peril. Her sacred sites threatened like never before. Chalice Well and the Goddess Sulis (Bath’s geothermal springs) are in danger of becoming toxic. The Great Mother’s flesh is to be cracked open and drained dry, uncaring for consequence to bird and beast, land or life.

We, as Pagans, believe that the natural world is profoundly sacred. In particular though, sites such as Chalice Well are our holy places. To have them desecrated is a direct attack upon our ways and upon us.

Fracking will not alleviate fuel poverty, nor will it provide us with greater fuel security. Its long lasting destruction to land and water is neither needed nor wanted. There are many practical alternatives, yet they are being ignored (with catastrophic consequences) because of corruption and ideological extremism within the government. Corporations should not dictate state policy.

The major focus of these rituals is to raise cones of power that, via something called the Warrior’s Sigil (given, with more details, on the events page below), will then focus the raised energy into a web of protective magickal power that stretches all around Albion’s sacred shores. Then, once the web has been raised, each ritual can channel a bit of its energy back into their own area for a more direct dose of protection/healing.

This international ritual can only work with your involvement. So set up your own rituals and contribute to the energy weave. These rituals can be either private or public, extravagant or humble – they can be what ever you feel driven to make them be! We request that you use the Warrior’s Sigil to focus the energy better. Also, if you are a solitary practitioner who can not make it to a local ritual, you can can add your own energy to the weave by focusing it through the Warrior’s Sigil.

The more rituals happening around the world, and the more solitary practitioners that tune in, the greater the ultimate affect. So get involved with this historic event and make it the epic, globe spanning magickal working it needs to be!

The Warrior’s Call began as a simple ritual to be held at Glastonbury Tor, but has quickly spread into a global wave of magickal activity.

All those of good intent are still summoned hither – regardless of age or gender, colour or creed – to gather at noon on Saturday the 28th of September at the base of the Tor and engage in group magickal working for the betterment and protection of this sacred landscape.

Bring with you percussion instruments of all kinds to assist in the ritual.

Blessings be upon all who heed the Warrior’s Call!

Statement of Ethical Intent: This event seeks to reduce its carbon footprint by encouraging participants to set up their own rituals, attend local rituals, or participate on an individual level, so as to prevent over reliance upon out-dated fossil fuel transportation technologies. This event has been organised in solidarity with Frack Free Somerset and all other groups and individuals currently directly campaigning to protect Albion from fracking. We hope that all involved with the Warrior’s Call will not only work magickly and spiritually, but also directly and physically, to stop fracking by joining (or setting up) local fracking awareness groups in their area.

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