The struggle for justice for cleaners continues at Societè Generale

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Date(s) - 05/10/2012
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Société Générale Corporate & Investment Banking


The bank is fighting dirtily, that gives us more strength to continue our struggle in pursuit of justice and truth”

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We are calling for Justice for the cleaners who work at the Societe Generale offices in London who are being driven further into poverty by cuts.

Société Générale is a very large European Bank and a major Financial Services company, however its cleaners do not share in salary and benefits of the bank employees and executives. Cleaners are hired through a contractor – Initial Facilities.A Pay Rise in one hand………………….
The cleaners were earning poverty wages, they were finally awarded the London Living Wage of £8.30 per-hour on 3rd September 2012.………..HOURS CUT WITH THE OTHER
However the cleaners have been given a pay rise in one hand and suffered a pay cut with the other hand. The majority of cleaners were working from Sunday to Thursday from 9:00 pm to 5:00 am , eight hours per day.

Societe Generale and their contractor agreed to cut the cleaners working hours by 50% This is making them even poorer than before, making a mockery of the Living Wage!

They have been given no choice. These cuts were imposed on 24th September. Now in four hours the cleaners are expected to do all the work previously done in eight hours.

The cleaners who are in the independent workers union IWGB have been protesting outside the bank. They have received support from members of RMT, PCS, UNISON, NUT, UCU and other workers and students.

In response many cleaners involved have been suspended!

Societe Generale UK charity declares they intend to ‘promote social inclusion’. They say they are ‘working to tackle any kind of disadvantage suffered by individuals or groups.’ However what about the cleaners in their own offices – for them charity does not begin at home!

· Between 21 – 25 September nearly all the remaining cleaners protesting these cuts were suspended,
· Bosses have tried to frighten the cleaners from continuing their opposition to these cuts.
· A whole shift of non-union cleaners has been brought into their workplace.

These low paid workers have stood firm against the odds. They are calling for you to stand with them to achieve:

The London Living Wage without strings!
No cuts to hours!
No victimisations!

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