The Battle of Lewisham – Reunion – How we stopped the Nazi NF

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Date(s) - 12/08/2017
1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Clifton Rise


The Battle of Lewisham – Reunion – How we stopped the Nazi NF

Forty years ago this August, thousands of anti fascists stopped the Nazi National Front’s (NF) march in Lewisham, South East London. The day became a turning point.
It lit a spark that would soon lead to the founding of the Anti Nazi League. It would set back the fascists for a generation.
Come and march and meet with some of the key individuals, who alongside many others, helped beat back the rise in racism and the fascists who fed off such poison.
People who played a critical role at Lewisham and some who helped form the Anti Nazi League (ANL), will recall the day the Nazis were stopped from marching and why it matters today. We’ll assemble at Clifton Rise, a key location on the day.
The united front of socialists, trades unionists, Labour members… anyone against the Nazis, that was the ANL, was inspired from Lewisham. Alongside Rock Against Racism, the ANL was crucial in undercutting the then growing NF.
The ANL combined physically confronting the Nazis wherever they raised their ugly heads with powerful propaganda exposing the little Hitlers. It was a mass movement, that faced with the challenges posed by Le Pen, Golden Dawn and Jobbik, still reasonates. Please share this event, invite your friends, let’s celebrate the victory and ensure today’s fascists are defeated.

Some great footage from #BattleofLewisham, here’s a short interview with Morgan O’Brien, who played a key role in the run up to the day, please share. @uaf


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