The StopTTIP group was formed by Occupy London after a talk that Occupy London organized in October 2013. Linda Kaucher was the featured guest in the talk and the group was formed with the intention of being horizontally led as all Occupy London working groups are. The fact that Linda Kaucher knew more about TTIP and that she would be a ‘natural’ leader was taken for granted in the initial stages, because much to our delight she wanted to be a part of the working group. As the months went by, and the meetings grew in numbers, Linda Kaucher decided that the StopTTIP group was being compromised by its relationship with Occupy, despite the fact that the campaign had grown due to advertising on Occupy London’s social media, including our website, facebook and word of mouth. The compromise as she put it was her belief that journalists had refused to speak to her because of the association with OL. OL finds this position to be unsubstantiated and have been unable to get it confirmed. Journalists often contact us. Our press team has a strong relationship with many mainstream journalists. For example the International Business Times with a readership of 1,000,000 a month, contacted us for our viewpoint on TTIP and we diligently forwarded the request to Linda Kaucher believing her to be our resident expert. Upon discovering that Linda publicly separated the StopTTIP group from Occupy in that very article which we had provided her the opportunity to write we realised there and then that her profound ungratefulness and disregard for activists that have helped the StopTTIP campaign being formed was disappointingly impossible to ignore any longer. After 4 months of trying to convince her that she needed us as much as we need her we have decided that the battle is dirty and mean and not in line with dignified campaigning and so we have let go of our association with StopTTIP on Linda’s relentless demands, which included accusations of us taking credit for her work. Difficult times in the journey to making the world a better place! Nevertheless we are proud that we formed this group as the work that it does is extremely important. With Linda in the group it seems that it will never develop into being horizontally led so it stands to good reason that it is not identified as an Occupy working group. We wish Linda all the best but we feel it is important to let the truth be known. Forming groups is hard work and to have them ‘stolen’ at the very point that they garner real attention is difficult but unavoidable if the individuals in the group want it that way. It seems most individuals do not want this but Linda is leading the group. Occupy London is against the TTIP but at this point does not have its own working group. The Stop TTIP group now have their own website. They are a strong campaign led by an expert on Free Trade Agreements – Linda Kaucher. As soon as we know of other TTIP campaigns who have open meetings we will let you know.

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Date(s) - 20/01/2014
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Unite Head Office, ground floor suite,


Visit the StopTTIP page

Campaign ideas forum so we can bury TTIP and prevent a re-emergence of TAFTA. Anti Globalisation and Corporate power emasculating opportunities.

Corporate hegemony influences politics by manipulating media and extensive lobbying. TTIP is a takeover of the political process in plain sight.

Visit the StopTTIP page . StopTTIP is an Occupy campaign. Join us to stop the Corporatocracy.

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