Save the Tube Campaign meeting.

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Date(s) - 02/01/2014
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

University of London Union (ULU)


Join the campaign to save the London Underground’s future.
The ticket offices, station staffing, and for Londoners to travel in safety.

First meeting.
Organising meeting with RMT and others. Subject is to how to save the London Underground and ways for London Transport to prosper.
Most people from the RMT, with ULU member, UK Uncut and Obi and Steve B. from OccupyLondon.
12% Cuts
Driverless Trains.
Badly Paid workers: Zero hour contracts.
Overground guards have been eliminated. It has been pointed out that attacks on buses increased due to bus conductors no longer being required and the job is now more stressful for drivers. Any problems and they have to call the police, previously there would be two persons and a bus conductor can ask for assistance from the passengers.
Signalling to be automated: 200 jobs to be lost.
Stations with No Tickets Offices. 953 jobs lost
Claims that only 3% of journeys require the use of the ticket office, which means 36 million people using the service. Not sure what corporation would get rid of a service used by millions of people.
Banks will control tickets, so people will have to contact their banks. Apart from another section of our lives being controlled by banks, they will have access on how/where we travel.
Big Brother scenario:
Conservatives are claiming that they want to have a 24hour tube, and the stations will be manned all night. Supposedly being opposed by Unions. but they failed to point out that the staff, for these open stations, would be in another station and will have to be called in order to assist. Not a good scenario for vulnerable people.
There will be CCTV on these stations, so any crimes will be recorded.
The lowest paid members are getting the cuts, some are having to re-apply for their own jobs at lower salaries.
In future, all pay rises will be paid in bulk and pensions will be frozen at current levels.
There are about 348 Transport for London bosses earning more than £100,000 per year.
17th January is the earliest that RMT can decide about industrial action.
Other groups to be contacted: i.e. DPAC, Greater London Pensioners.
The postcards, being handed out are too long and need to be made shorter and relevant parts highlighted for tube passengers.
Local groups to adopt a Station.
Free Travel Day. I asked the feasibility of free travel week.
Stop the Cuts on the Tube. No to corporate take-over.
Universal Access for Tube passengers.

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