PutneyDebates2014 Planning Meeting:

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Date(s) - 03/06/2014
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Friends house cafe


Initial Agenda – for agreement & development

Putney Debates Planning Meeting:

Tue 3 June 6.29:pm (hopefully), @ Friends Euston corridor off Café

1/ Agreement of facilitator & minute taker

2/ Brief introductions as necessary

3/ Agreement/ modification/ development of the Agenda, + approx. finish time

4/ Time frame – Saturday 25th October to Sunday 9th November ok?

5/ Minuted Action Points of last meeting (underlined) – work through and report back on progress, what remains outstanding & immediate next steps. (This gives you a day to work on stuff delayed.)

a) Tim contact Frank T re various groups & plan/start approaches

b) Dave draft guideline group contact email.

c) Julie approach to Ali P re play

d) Steve – illustrative draft cover for ‘Little Book of Issues’

e) Julie – setting up Twitter account

f) Dave –recommendations & approach re crowdfunding + delegating?

g) Not Assigned – livestream, approach Obi & Inka

h) Carl – Film, (inc promo video) initial development ideas & able to dos

i) Dave – Outcome re Ronan on press links

j) Julie – response from Flyer designer

k) Dave – check Carl successfully added as list manager

l) Julie – initial paragraph+ re origins Putney Debates

m/ Julie – inspiring brief/callout for potential groups – Pirate Padded

n/ +?

incomplete from last may 13th meeting (Some could be taken with 5/ )

5/ Event locations (& action people to check out inc. £)

6/ Groups to contact/ alert to what we are planning (then actioning?)

7/ More ideas of events, maybe elaboration of existing ones..

& more main contributors (poss actioning initial approaches/research)

8/ Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Website, Livestream, Crowdfunding +?

9/ Other outreach .. press, phone links, web & main media?

10/ 3rd+ Riseup list manager etc. volunteers?

12/ Preparatory documentation/ briefing ‘Little Book of Issues’ LB Answers? (sections/)

13/ ‘Legacy’ Planning, potential follow-ons – film, documentation, action follow-ups

14/ Date, time, location of next meeting

15/ +? AOB

17/ Round-up reflections of participants & reconfirm ‘will-dos’


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