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Date(s) - 01/06/2013
10:00 am - 11:30 pm

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IT IS TIME to say “enough is enough” to the BBC

The TV License is a SCAM. The TV Licence carry’s an Act which means it needs to have the consent of the Governed. The public have been blinded in to a contract that does not even exist.

The BBC needs to be investigated for Tax Avoidance but at present they will not allow anyone to see the emails regarding Tax.

How can the people support these CRIMINALS and by paying your Licence Fee you committing Treason by supporting the BBC in it’s Criminal activities

It has come to our attention that the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBc), has become less and less trustworthy in recent times.

As British Citizens we are made to pay £145.50 license fee per year for the provision of good quality advert free entertainment and news.

The BBc have forced students and members of the armed forces to buy TV licenses when they are living away from their family homes creating more revenue from many thousands of people.

Anonymous understands that the BBc is the voice of the British Government but we feel that the misappropriation of these vast funds should now be addressed.

The resignation and £400.000+ payoff of director general George Entwistle over the child abuse scandal surrounding former presenter Jimmy Savile and the chaos following flagship current affairs show Newsnight making possibly false allegations against a former Conservative Party politician. Lastly the Tax Avoidance within your staff and covering it up.

One of the major problems posed by the BBC is their lack of accountability to the very people who pay their wages — us. The BBC is never far away from controversy but nothing ever seems to change and no one in their corporation ever seems to be worse off as a result of their wrongdoing. Imagine for a moment that it was a completely different media company we were talking about, and not the BBC. For argument’s sake, let’s say it was ITV or Sky. What would happen is that the viewers would refuse to watch that TV station any longer and/or they would cancel their subscriptions. And if enough people did this, the company would go bankrupt very quickly. That’s because these company’s are directly accountable to their viewers who pay their wages via subscriptions or from watching the adverts.

However, the BBC does not afford us this luxury to the people who fund them. It doesn’t matter how many people stop watching BBC programmes because the BBC will continue to receive £3.4 billion a year from our pockets. Therefore the BBC has no financial impetus to even want to change what they do. Even if a million people suddenly stopped watching the BBC, it wouldn’t make the slightest bit of difference to the BBC’s annual turnover, which means that they can continue to anger people as much as they want without any fear of redundancies, pay cuts or the company going bust through lack of consumer confidence in their products.

Therefore we only have one real option available to us and that’s to cancel our TV Licence.
Think about it? You are a Human being and along comes a Corrupt Private Corporation and says you will pay us money and if you don’t we will punish you. Are you hearing it?

We demand a full internal investigation of the BBC and to STOP the illegal taking of a human beings money unlawfully.

I will be adding more info as we go along but there are a few links below to have a look at it in the mean time.
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After we will be taking a nice stroll together down to Trafalgar Square to support #OpBigBrother fighting for Internet Freedom and Freedom of Information – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpmSScw77t0


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