NO MORE ‘BENEFITS STREET’.’ Protest against media portrayal of welfare recipients

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Date(s) - 20/01/2014
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Channel 4,


PROTEST: CH4, Monday 27th 5pm. Benefits Street was just the most recent of the disgusting media exploitation of people who are relying on welfare benefits. The media are in bed with the Tory government, profiting from unemployed and disabled people and single parents vulnerability, and attacking us so they can cut welfare benefits. It has to stop! Join us and show these media luvvies that wont get away with portraying welfare recipients as undeserving ‘scum’.

#BENEFITSSTREET The following letter was published in The Times this morning.
“When talking about living on welfare, it is useful to look at the facts about payments and standards of living Sir, Philip Collins is right (“Living on benefits has no drama just crisis”, Jan 13).Benefits Street fails to be a programme about welfare.

It shows the consequent crises but not the underlying arithmetic. A 55-year-old in Tottenham is receiving £71.70 a week JSA and is looking for work. Haringey Council demanded £24 a week rent for his spare bedroom, and then threatened him with eviction. It then imposed £5 council tax a week, . He is left with £42.70 a week while the Rowntree research tells us he needs £50 a week for a healthy diet. Increases in that meagre JSA are frozen at 1 per cent while the prices of necessities escalate.

His position is unsustainable; real scrounging does a lot better than that.
The Rev Paul Nicolson Taxpayers Against Poverty”

#AllInItTogether? #IDS£53

Join this Demonstration: Monday, 20 January 2014
NO MORE ‘BENEFITS STREET’.’ Protest against media portrayal of welfare recipients


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