LDN Talks: Becoming an Anarchist

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Date(s) - 11/12/2017
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

The Brewhouse


LDN Talks: Becoming an Anarchist

Info & tickets: http://bit.ly/2lHEaFR
Venue: London Fields Brewery, London Fields
Doors: 7pm / Talk starts: 7.30pm.

As an international diplomat, Carne Ross was a defender and embodiment of the political status quo. He believed in democracy and the capitalist system. He was promoted rapidly in the Foreign Office, ultimately serving as Britain’s expert on the Middle East, and Iraq’s WMD, at the UN in New York. But 9/11 and the Iraq War changed his life forever.

After much soul-searching, he resigned in protest from the Foreign Office after giving secret evidence to the first official inquiry into the Iraq War. His personal crisis triggered a political transformation. Looking around, he saw that the orthodox system of governments was not solving the world’s problems, from inequality to global warming.

But what might work? He embarked on a remarkable personal odyssey to discover a different and better way for humans to organise their affairs: ANARCHISM.

His journey spanned the citadels of western capitalism and war-torn Syria, where he visited the extraordinary project of self-government in north-east Syria, Rojava. He read and learned about political ideas, long neglected, but now more relevant than ever, and the moments in history, like civil war Spain, when those ideas were put into practice.

Carne’s political journey was also profoundly personal, from disillusionment to the rediscovery of idealism. Carne was present at some of the seminal moments of recent world history, from 9/11 in New York to the invasion of Afghanistan. His story helps explain the current crisis…and what might be done about it. But above all Carne’s journey offers a guide and inspiration for those frustrated by party politics, Brexit and the status quo, and offers a pathway to renewed idealism and, above all, action: a personal as well as political liberation.


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