Global Communications Network online meeting

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Date(s) - 16/12/2012
9:00 pm - 11:00 pm



 This is an invitation for you to join the 5th call for the ” International Communications Network”. It will take place on Sunday December 16th, at 9pm GMT*** through the chat voice program Mumble, on the Tomolaplaza server, in the channel International. To know how to install, run MUMBLE and connect to the call, see the instructions below.
Why we want to meet
This is an open and horizontal effort to support transnational communications, networking and descion makingamong different global justice movements. The initiative came from activists of different parts of the world, involved in the social movements of the ‘Global Spring’ of 2011-12 (#Occupy, Indignados, #15M, #Yosoy132, #VIA22 and many others), and is open to all the people who wants to work for the defence of the integrity of human beings and the earth.
During our last meeting, we agreed on to complementary intensions for our next meetings :
1) networking between different communication initiatives
2) creating a new global platform (based on our collective knowledge, and interacting with to other websites). This meeting is open to everyone! We are specially hoping to see the developers of the different existing tools presenting their work, evaluating each others work critically and engage in a longterm process of networking and collaboration. All those interested in the promotion of this networking process between social movements are also really wecome! We feel there is an enormous potential to create an unbreakable, rich and powerful global communications network, taking previous efforts to the next level!
We are aware that this meeting is planned and announced at very short notice, so we will use this meeting also to collectively plan and prepare another meeting early 2013, to ensure that everyone interested can participate in the process.
Pads & mailinglist
All the documentation (minutes and working documents) that came out of the 4 first meetings can be found in this main pad :
And this collaborative pad will be used for the next meeting : feel free to add you items to the agenda!)
You are also invited to join our mailinglist:
If you need help with Mumble, please don’t hesitate to ask!
Please join in!
Instructions for mumble:
If you have not already installed mumble, go to and download the appropriate version for your computer, then install the program.
To connect with the tomalaplaza server, click Server (in upper left corner  of your screen), click connect, click Add New, and enter the following  information:
Label: tomalaplaza
Port: 64738
Username: (whatever you want your nickname to be)
Click OK.
Double  click twice on tomalaplaza to connect.  note that you may be asked to  sign the mumble generated certificate and may receive a warning as it is  self signed.  Click OK, and you will be on the server.
Meeting location within the server::
Double  click on the International tab heading near the bottom of page. (You  will automatically enter in cafe, at the very bottom of page, so you  still need to click on International to be in our room.)  International  is the first main heading above Cafe.)


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