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Date(s) - 17/11/2013
11:00 am - 2:00 pm

The Common House, Unit 5E,


Second meeting for Occupy London. Strategy.


Agenda so far:

  • Finance request: Grouptweet $15 a month. Grouptweet have now started charging. For security reasons, it is best to have this application, rather than giving out password. It also saves time.
  • Finance request: Rise up donation. We have been using the email list for free, but hey are now asking for donations. It would be troublesome if Riseup were to stop their service due to lack of funds, and we had to pay Groupspace again.
  • Future themed general assemblies: Shift the Debt, They Owe Us events in the London boroughs. I do have to say that there are many angry people out there, but they cannot articulate their anger. They know something is wrong, but they do not have the information. In the new year, I would like to propose in having a “They Owe Us” event in Deptford, Lewisham. One stop away from London Bridge.
  • Campaign Working Group. Any updates?
  • International WG or EU-US Free Trade Agreement.


11am: RECAP on last session
11:15 General Assemblies?
– What is the purpose of holding a GA?
– How can we involve people in assemblies creatively?
– Who will oganise them?
-how do we organise them?

13:00 1h Lunch

13:30 45min RMT

14:15 15min Break

14:30 1h Feedback working groups

1. Feedback from Working groups and actions: (1h)

Occupy the Arms Fair 5min
Occupy the BBC 5min
Basic Income 5min

International WG (15min)
– international convergences (5min)
– Debt (5min)
-TTIP ( US/EU trade agreement ) (5min)

Campaigns WG – Mike for Chris FD (15min)
– Housing

Putney debates 2014 ?(5mins)

15:30 (30 -45 min )

Kate’s presentation researching occupy , G8 etc

a short presentation (15 mins of research) which will be followed by discussion (15 -30 mins) to focus our attention on the now but also on the wider issues of social transformation.

It is about using tensions within and between movements in a positive way by creating space for reflection on the dilemmas of organising that we face – internal divisions, repression, horinzontality, connectivity and the project of bringing about wider social change. It’s about what makes a successful movement and could useful for putting things in perspective whilst keeping a long term view of what we are all doing, what we are all about….

16 :151h Concluding discussion & feedback,next step, shout-outs

17:00 ends


The Common House
Unit 5E
5 Pundersons Gardens
Bethnal Green

Last stream of the Strategy Meeting.


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