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Date(s) - 26/11/2013
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Fuel Poverty Action Tent

Fuel Poverty Action Tent

SAVE THE DATE: November 26th is the date of the release of the annual Winter deaths statistics. Fuel Poverty Action will be targeting a high profile fuel poverty perpetrator that day. Check @fuelpovaction for updates.

‘Reports that recipients of food bank parcels are returning products that need to be heated up came as no surprise to me. Neither did the news that various energy companies were putting their prices up, again by an average of over 9%.

I don’t imagine the chief executives of any of the big six called before MPs on Tuesday has ever had to unplug their fridge because they simply can’t afford to run it, or wrap their toddler in a fleece all-in-one and a jumper and a dressing gown of an evening.

We hear time and again what a prosperous, affluent country Britain is, the sixth richest in the world. But aren’t we ashamed that people who need emergency food handouts are eating cold beans and stewed steak from the tin, or handing it back, because they can’t even heat it up?’
(see: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2013/oct/29/british-cant-afford-heat-food-big-six-energy-jack-monroe )

If, like us, you don’t think anyone should have to ‘choose’ between heating and eating, or neither, when the Big Six energy companies made £3.7billion last year SHARE this. And keep your eyes open for our announcement very soon about how you can get involved with our action against a fuel poverty perpetrator on 26th November…


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