Food Liberation Front – Whose Food, Our Food!! – Location To be Confirmed.

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Date(s) - 14/06/2013
6:00 pm - 8:30 pm



966224_335608813233835_1523258597_oWe will be holding our first annual feast, with invited speakers, to discuss how to we can collectively librate our food supply from corporations like Monsanto, and reclaim our food. You are invited to bring your ideas and healthy food to share.

The elites of the G8 nations will soon be meeting in 5 star luxury while the poorest sections of society, particularly children, women and older people , are increasingly going hungry in both the global south and the richest cities of the developed world.

Our governments are using the crisis that neo-liberal economic policies created to impose austerity in Europe , increasing food poverty. Western governments are supporting agricultural policies that are leading to international land grabs and a growing concentration of land ownership. This is leading to escalating food prices in some of the poorest countries in the globe.

However peoples movements are fighting back and developing real solutions : La Via Campesina is a global solidarity movement which represents 200 million agricultural producers globally and calls for “Food Sovereignty”. Food Sovereignty prioritises local food production and consumption . It ensures that the rights to use and manage lands, territories, water , seeds , livestock and biodiversity are in the hands of those that produce food not the corporate sector.

People’s movements in Bolivia are kicking out GM and supporting agroecology , just as the people of Europe continue to resist GM entering our food chain.

This year will see the launch of the IF campaign, during the G8 summit . This proposes more aid, transparency and an end to land grabbing, but fails to address the issue of corporate control of our food supply, the need for food sovereignty, and the increasing concentration of wealth and land in the hands of the 1%.

Join us in our campaign to highlight the real solutions to food poverty and enjoy a feast of free healthy food, together. We have invited after dinner speakers from War on Want , FareShare, Farmers’ Unions and other assorted food campaigners.

Whose Food ? Our Food!

Livestream of the event from the OccupyLondon Channel.


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