Defend Trenton Oldfield: Show Support on the day of the hearing

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Date(s) - 09/12/2013
9:00 am - 10:00 am

Immigration & Asylum Chamber.Taylor House,


Defend Trenton Oldfield: Show Support on the day of the hearing

The Home Office has taken the decision to deport Trenton Oldfield. On 7th April 2012, Trenton Oldfield held a peaceful direct action protest against elitism and inequality at the Oxford Cambridge boat race. Trenton wanted to draw attention to the entirely unnecessary and rapidly increasing inequalities resulting from the Coalition government’s austerity programme. Following his protest, Trenton was charged and convicted of public nuisance, an offence which in 2010, the Law Commission recommended the abolition and criticised it for being vague, out-dated and often in conflict with the European Convention on Human Rights. Trenton was sentenced to six months imprisonment.Despite having been criminalised and serving his sentence, the Home Office is now working to deport Trenton to Australia, where he hasn\\\’t lived for 13 years.

Trenton and his wife, Deepa have a child and work together. In 2007 they founded This Is Not A Gateway and in 2009 Myrdle Court Press. Both organisations are not-for-profit and work to challenge inequality and the status quo. The judge who sentenced Trenton recognised him is a valuable member of his community, a person and good character and yet Teresa May has deemed him “undesirable”, as having “unacceptable associations” and “a threat to national security”. Trenton will face a (one judge) tribunal before which the Home Office will argue that Trenton is ‘not conducive to the public good’.
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