Be Unwelcome to Portugal, Mme Chancellor Merkel

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Date(s) - 12/11/2012
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Open Letter by Que Se Lixe a Troika Movement/Free Translation by London Against Troika

Dear Chancellor Merkel,

Firstly, we would like to mention that we address you only as chancellor of Germany. We did not vote for you and we do not recognize the existence of a chancellor of Europe. Accordingly, we, subscribers of this open letter, hereby address you as common citizens that we are. Citizens of a country that you plan to visit on the 12th of November 2012, sympathetic with the situation of all other countries attacked by austerity. Due to the nature of your announced visit and before the severe social and economic situation lived in Portugal, we would like to stress that you are not welcome here. You, Mrs. Chancellor, should be considered a persona non grata in Portuguese territory, because you clearly and unceasingly interfere with the decisions of the Portuguese State, without having been democratically elected by those who live here to do so.

Still as our government, for some time now, ceased to abide with the laws of this country and our Republic’s Constitution, we address this letter directly to you. The presence of several businessmen in your entourage is an outrage. Under the guise of “foreign investment”, you Mme. Chancellor will bring with you a number of people who come to monitor the ruins left of the Portuguese economy after your policies were applied – just like the Greek, the Irish, the Italian and Spanish ruins. Your entourage gathers not only those who bullied the Portuguese State, with the connivance of the government to privatize the State’s patrimony and its most precious assets, but also potential beneficiaries of this heritage and public assets, buying them today at bargain prices.

This interpellation can’t and shouldn’t be understood as any kind of nationalist or chauvinist vindication – it is addressed specifically to you, as maximum promoter of the neoliberal doctrine that is ruining Europe. Nor do we interpellate the German people, who have all the democratic legitimacy to elect those who they want to be their representatives. However, in this country where we live, your name was never in any ballot box. We did not elect you. As such, we do not recognize you the right to represent us, and even less to make political decisions on our behalf.

And we are not alone. On the 14th of November, just two days after your visit here, we will rise up together with other brother-peoples in a general strike which includes many European sister-nations. It will be a strike against governments who betrayed and betray the trust of their citizens, a strike against the austerity measures conducted by them. But do not be fooled, Mme. Chancellor. It will also be a strike against the austerity imposed by the troika and all those who wish to turn it into an authoritarian regime. It will therefore also be a strike against you. And if we greet our brothers of Greece, Spain, Cyprus and Malta, we also welcome the German people who suffer with us. We know very well that the Wirtschaftswunder, the “economic German miracle”, was built on successive German debt pardons from its main creditors. We know that the supposed German economic strength today is built on the back of a brutal crackdown of salaries that lasts for more than ten years now and the massive creation of precarious, temporary, poorly paid labour, which affects a large number of German people. This also shows what kind of a prospect Mme. Merkel has for Germany.

It is plausible that you will not reply to us. And it is probable that the Portuguese government, subservient, weak and feeble, will receive you between flowers and applause. But the truth, Mme. Chancellor, is that the majority of the Portuguese population disapproves fully how this government, supported by the troika and yourself, is destroying the country. Even if you choose a secret route and a private airport, in order not to face demonstrations and protests against your visit, we would like to let you know that these demonstrations and protests will take place across the whole country. And they will be protests against you and all that you represent. Your entourage may try to ignore us. The European Commission, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank might try to ignore us. But we become more and more each day, Mme. Merkel. Here and in all countries. Our demonstrations and protests will become stronger each day. We increasingly know the truth better. The stories we were told never made sense, and now we know they are outright lies.

We are awaken, Mme. Merkel. Be unwelcome to Portugal.
Que Se Lixe a Troika Movement, Portugal


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