Appeal Hearing: No Extradition for Lauri Love

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Date(s) - 29/11/2017 - 30/11/2017
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Royal Courts of Justice


Appeal Hearing: No Extradition for Lauri Love.

The judge has asked that the court be pushed back a day so it is now 29-30th. We cannot let this affect us! I know people have made travel arrangements and taken time off work. I’m sorry about this. I hope this change can be accommodated. If you have travelled/ taken time of work for the Tuesday it will not be a waste. We will have amazing fun-packed justice activities on the 28th instead. DON’T LET THEM WIN!

On Wednesday: start times are 10 for the hearing (but it’s going to be packed, so be early) and 8.30am if you want to be part of the support outside. Hopefully you’ll be able to do both.

Lauri Love will be at the Royal Courts of Justice on Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 November, challenging an unjust and vindictive potential extradition to the United States, where he faces a 99 year prison sentence. We are asking for a #TrialAtHome and our day in court which would not be granted by the US ‘justice’ system with the blackmail of plea-bargaining. The US does not have to present any evidence so if he is extradited no evidence will be seen. There will be no day in court. There will be no justice.

Three US judicial districts are trying to extradite Lauri because they allege his involvement in the online protests that followed the death of Aaron Swartz in 2013. Aaron took his own life after being hounded by US prosecutors.

In September last year, a District Judge ruled that Lauri could be extradited even though she accepted that he would present a severe risk of suicide should that ever come to pass. This is obviously wrong. Let’s pack the courtroom and let it be known. The UK must refuse extradition! The US must cede jurisdiction! We must have our day in court! We must have justice!


Case summary:

Lauri Love is fighting extradition to the US where he is accused of taking part in civil disobedience to protest the death of Aaron Swartz as part of #OpLastResort. Swartz was persecuted by the overreaching Computer Fraud and Abuse Act for downloading too many academic articles. They threatened him with 30 years and he was driven to suicide. Lauri now has this same system pursuing him. The US are trying to extradite him and lock him up for 99 years. We are simply arguing for them to cede jurisdiction and let him stand trial here where the maximum sentence is a far more proportionate 36 months.

Love was first arrested on 28 October 2013 for alleged offences under the UK’s Computer Misuse Act. The National Crime Agency (NCA) seized Lauri’s computers and tried to force him to turn over his encryption keys, but Lauri refused to cooperate and was ultimately released on bail. Nine months later, Lauri’s police bail was allowed to expire and the UK investigation against him appeared to be closed, although the NCA refused to return six devices that they could not decrypt.

Then on 15 July 2015, Love was arrested again by UK officials, this time at the behest of the US government, who had issued several indictments and corresponding extradition warrants. The FBI and Department of Justice allege that Love has been involved in hacking into various governmental agencies, including the US Army, NASA, the Federal Reserve and the Environmental Protection Agency.

On 16 September 2016, Judge Nina Tempia ruled in favor of extradition, passing the case to Secretary of State Amber Rudd, who approved the order. Lauri’s legal team are now taking their appeal to the High Court on 28 and 29 November 2017.

Some reasons why this is unjust:

– There is a massive difference in sentencing between UK and US; the most he would get in the UK would be 36 months but in the US he is looking at 99 years. This in reality means that they amount to non-equivalent crimes.

– The Extradition Treaty with the US is one sided to favour subservience to the US and it does not require the US to produce any evidence for any of their claims.

– Because of the practice of plea bargaining that the US uses only 97% of cases go to trial because people are given an offer they can’t refuse.

– As they don’t have to present any evidence they can make up ‘costs’ to inflate seriousness. In fact there aren’t any costs relating to #OptLastResort because the systems needed fixing. Nothing was altered or taken. The government was alerted to the fact they needed to improve their security.

– Multiple jurisdictions are used to inflate seriousness. Not even the 9/11 bombers were tried in more than one jurisdiction. This means that he doesn’t have a chance of standing trial. If found guilty in one there would be a ratchet effect for the subsequent sentences, increasing them. Sentences would be served consecutively.

– Pre-trial detention would last longer if he was held for all jurisdictions and then found innocent than if he was found guilty in this country and was given the harshest sentence.

– The is a lack of provision within US justice system for people with disabilities and Lauri has severe health problems including Asperger’s, eczema and asthma.

– The district judge accepted all the evidence Lauri’s legal team presented but weighted the ‘interests of the victims’ more heavily because of claims the US did not have to present evidence for.
There is a president for this case which was set by Gary McKinnon where the law was changed to introduce the forum bar where if it was in the interests of justice for the trial to take place in this country then it should.

– Use of torture within US prisons (Amnesty Reports):



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