2nd Alternative Festival of Solidaristic & Cooperative Economy

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Date(s) - 11/10/2013 - 13/10/2013
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The 2nd Alternative Festival of Solidaristic & Cooperative Economy will take place in Athens, at the premises of the Cultural Centre of Ellinikon (ex US Military Base), 11-13 October 2013.
Time banks, exchange networks, collectives, squats, free social centers, worker cooperatives,  alternative currencies, eco-communities, grassroot movements for common goods & natural resources preservation, eco & bio producers and many other initiatives will participate and present their work.

The festival, which is organised totally in a volunteer base,  hosts interesting workshops, presentations and discussions that aim at dicrovering that “another world is possible” and highlight the connection of all of us with the environment and nature, through the notions of self-sufficiency, self-management and social solidarity.
Moreover, discussions and presentations open our eyes and minds and give us food for thought upon challenging issues, such as Degrowth , Basic Income, the Commons,  Social Economy, Public Spaces, Social Control over Common Goods & Natural Ressources, as alternatives to the fast growing crisis.  New practices through focused workshops will be presented in order to help us improve our lives and combat all forms of inequality and social injustice.

Feel free to invite individuals and groups that can present workshops and participate in the Festival’s program but mostly call friends who see themselves within this world that we are dreaming of.
How does this world look like? To discover it, watch the video (english subs)

The Festival Organisation Team:
Agronaftes, Art Bank, Viozo, Vlastos, Efimerida Drasi, Ilesion,
Iliosporoi, Popular University of Social & Solidaristic Economy,
PRO.S.K.AL.O., European Village (Cooperative Café/Platon Akademy), Syn
Allois, Time Bank of Athens – Syntagma Square, Pharmacy of Solidarity in
Patisia, Cinema of the Square

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E-mail us: festival.economicsolidarity@gmail.com

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