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Enough is Enough! Occupy London announces mass sing-up on steps of St Paul’s Cathedral


At 6.30 – 7.30pm Wednesday 21 December, supporters of Occupy London present ‘Enough is Enough! A mass sing up on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral’, a piece of tuneful direct action that promises to bring together hundreds of concerned individuals.

Occupy London invites all to get involved in support of the Occupy London Stock Exchange occupation at St Paul’s Churchyard as well as all the other occupations and social movements in the UK and beyond who believe that the economic and social injustice perpetuated by the current system is unsustainable.

Bringing together members of the public with experienced choristers and musicians for this one-off concert, Enough is Enough organisers said: “We intend to use the power of music to send a powerful message of peaceful non-compliance to our ‘leaders’. Lots of people want to show their support for the camp and this one-off sing up gives them the chance to do just that.

“We want to draw public attention to the legal battle to evict the occupiers at Paul’s Churchyard, just by the London Stock Exchange. The High Court case filed by the City of London Corporation against the occupiers begins on 19 December. Supporting Occupy London Stock Exchange and their right to stay will send an important message to all other occupations around the world affirming their right to dissent.

“Join us and add your voice to the many fighting against the inequalities in our society, the unchecked corruption, the dismantling of vital public services and the erosion of civil liberties.”

Those wanting to get involved are invited to sign up on the website and join the rehearsal 3-6pm Sunday 18 December at the Bank of Ideas (21-29 Sun Street EC2, just behind Finsbury Square).

Sing up St Paul’s has its own website including details of rehearsals, songs and contacts. Please visit:  http://singupstpauls.weebly.com

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