Working Groups: how to post articles

Website Development’s Docs Working Groups: how to post articles

Go to the dashboard (top of page)

Go to Post and then New Post.

Add title, text+images.


Using the categories will assign the post to a specific part of the website.

Assign NEWS to any post that refers to an action that is about to happen or on which you are reporting.

Assign BLOG if the post is more of a comment, or referring to something that is not related to something specific in time.

Assign GA MINUTES if the post consists in the minutes of the GA.

DO NOT ASSIGN MORE THEN ONE OF THE ABOVE TO A SINGLE POST. Otherwise it will appear repeated in the home page.

Please also assign the Category of your WG.

Please do not add other categories, as these are used for the overall structure of the website. Use tags instead.

Other things you can add:
-tags (allow search results to gather articles referring to similar topics)
-social sharing icons (so that readers can share the articles on their facebook and twitter)

This theme offers many other options and you are welcome to use them, but it is not necessary. The standard default settings are good enough.

Here you can find more info on creating posts:

Here is the documentation of this specific theme:

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