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For each WG the levels of access and the settings are the following:

Each WG creates a WG profile for the website. This is going to be the profile that is going to be the ADMIN of the WG space.
This profile is promoted to AUTHOR in the wordpress back end of the site.
This allows the WG admin to:
– post events
– post blog posts
Also the ADMIN has access to the settings of the group part of the website.

Each active WG member (attends meetings or undertakes activities for the WG) creates their own profile. They are then promoted to WG moderator by the Admin.

This is anyone who has an account on the website and wants to become a member of a WG to follow it’s activities.


1. Group is public:
– Any site member can join (WG member status)
– Group listed in the groups directory
– Group content and activity is visible to any site member

2. This is an announcements only group. Only moderators (active, trusted WG members promoted by Admin) can add content.

3. Buddy press docs. Only moderators can add docs.

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