Process Development Meeting

Process Development Meeting

Process Development – 21st May 2012 – Royal Festival Hall


1. Process’s role in scheduling discussion topics for General Assemblies.


ACTION – Jonni will announce the lack of a Saturday GA this week.


– End of Wed meeting, we had a disagreement with our ability to pre-decide discussion topics.


– Jonni felt as we hadn’t publicised the function of the meeting it wasn’t fair to suggest a topic for that week’s assemblies.


We have now publicised that and invited people to submit discussion topics.


Saskia – I don’t see this the same as proposals, in that we can have editorial control of the topics.


Phil – One example would be a very small topic and we need to fill it.


[response that there could be more than one discussion topic included, responded to by examples of the GA not usually desiring this]


[critique of general break down of processes]


Jack – This is supposed to be about scheduling discussions, not the validity of various formats of discussion.


Jonni – I propose that in order to get clarity on this. Let’s pretend we all forgot everything except to turn up at the Wed PM meeting. What would we do? How would we approach that?


Therefore we should write the criteria for a discussion topic.


Saskia – If someone comes up with a good topic, how do we publicise?


Jack – The point to me was that we would decide these type of things in Wed PM so that we could publicise the events and bring more people into them.


[Jack reads from occupy wiki]


ACTION – Saskia to write up a guide to submitting discussion topics for the public and share it amongst process people


ACTION – Jack to dissolve Saskia’s text onto appropriate software site.


ACTION – Jack to send Saskia an email again!


Jonni – I think finalise it at a public meeting like this one.


[disagreement about bureaucratic nature of this.]


[discussion about how to open up process, attract more people. Handouts are useful,]


[discussion about practicality of pre planning.]


[discussion about things]


John – 2 points about what you said. If we could nail down a practice about planning what the GA involves and move that into the GA. If we plan ahead enough, we could bring the plan for the following week to the general assembly.


Noirin – indeed


John – The other thing is they haven’t worked very well. If you want to have good discussion groups they need to be activated somehow. People go to GAs about specific themes. This meeting is supposed to be about developing processes. So… second comment is that we have a backlog we’re trying to develop here. We could put this on?


BACKLOG – GAs don’t work very well. If we could include TCU format more.


Saskia – Just thinking, something else we should do. In terms of discussions and planning – contact the active WG (e.g. Corporations ) and see if they can inhabit the assemblies.


John – [utterly facilitating the meeting] – Are you proposing that we take this idea to a GA as a format.?


Jonni – from the little experience I have of this, when we try this, it hasn’t work. But people could rise to the occasion. [corps would!] So how could we open these decisions up


Jack – My idea, I want to develop a check-list


John – proposal – that we collate proposals before the start of the meeting on allowing us to link to them


Saskia – It could become prescriptive.


Jonni – I would like it as a supplement, not a necessity


Phil – I like as it is the only thing that exists to log proposals.




Proposals Collected


Proposals Understood


Proposer(s) contacted by


Proposals scheduled


Promotion of proposals – including timeline – calendar – done 1st!


Twitter – @occupylsx, @occupylondon @occupylondonga


-facebook – no access at current time – submit proposal


– Groupspaces




Have we collected proposals from all the places we collect them? – time


– / woofoo form


  • decide who sends out a reminder for proposal submission for the next week.

3. Collecting a backlog of unresolved issues.


There’s a whole list of stories we need to write, surrounding GAs etc.


[long discussion about the word story]


Jonni – SO what is this meeting discussing regarding this item.


John – Things like where to record the backlog, put some things on the backlog, attempt to how to manage the backlog.


Saskia – rather then spend the rest of the meeting adding things, can we just have a few minutes.


Jonni – Some kind of web app would probably be best.


ACTION – Jonni will research applications for developing backlog.




  • Continue writing down what we do
  • Define “story” in more inclusive terms
  • Proposals form in physical spaces.
  • Facilitation improvement / new facilitators
  • The way process is used in Occupy



  1. Tool for collecting
  2. Practice of planning based on the backlog
  3. Actual items on the backlog


ACTION – Jonni to set up pirate pad to start building backlog


John – There is already a big list on occupywiki of backlogged stuff.


Saskia – there’s no need to openly publicise this widely yet.


  1. New facilitators


Jack – I believe you should train me, test it together… I think you’d all struggle to come up with a common understanding on how to do it.


Saskia – I think we need a handbook and better practices first before we can wider too much.


Jonni – I went to a seeds of change training workshop. It was good and informative. I found a training regime was useful


Phil – I’m going for a 3 day training course on training facilitators. I’ll collate the docs I get there.


Jack – I think just advertise again… you’ll maybe get a few.


Saskia – at the camp it was easier, at the moment we haven’t got anything to offer. It’s a wasted opportunity if people come forward at the moment.


Jonni – It was nice sometimes when a newbie did it!


Jack – One of the better things was our training facilitation process based around watching and slowly learning. People slowly got more and more involved starting as stacker through co-faciliation to full facilitation.


Noirin – EEE have successfully done round robin facilitation


John – Debriefing is useful as well.


[meeting feels there’s very little we can do for now]


Jack – Liz and Ben were hoping for more concrete stuff out of this meeting about this.


[discussion about how to move it forward.]


[decision that it is yet another thing for the backlog.]


Jack – not just training for new facilitators.


John – It’s important to demystify facilitation.


Noirin – WGs are great for beginning becoming a facilitator.


[next meeting arranged]


[discussion about planning ahead]


[decision for weekly meetings as long as at least three people could be present]


NEXT MEETING – Monday 28th May 2012

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