GA Minutes – 7pm Wednesday 28th December 2011

Minutes: Em
Re Green & Black Cross Legal Cards being inaccurate:

We’ll contact GBC, explain the issue and invite them to communicate with our legal team
(Michelle offered to contact them)

Our legal team will discuss their concerns

Our legal team will begin preparing new legal advice[…]

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GA Minutes – 7pm Sunday 1st January 2012

Minutes 1/1/12 Actions agreed upon in bold at end.
St Paul’s 1-1-12: 7 pm
Facilitator: Daniel Minutes: Mia & Em
·         WG feedback
·         Matt’s proposal
WG feedback
·         Last night (NYE) was amazing. Next time we have a big event we need more volunteers and more clarity on time schedules
·        […]

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GA Minutes – 7pm Wednesday 21st December 2011

Evening General Assembly, 21 December 2011
Location: Steps of St Paul’s
Facilitator: Jamie
Minutes: Vicky

Agenda: Mix of music and discussion involving a lot of young people and first-time visitors to Occupy LSX. Artists: Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly!, Pete the Temp, Itch from the King Blues, Lowkie, Alabama 3, Chris TT plus a range[…]

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GA Minutes – 7pm Friday 9th December 2011


Facilitator :
Minute taker : Julie

Summary  of Decisions:

Kitchen will change its timetable and will now serve  breakfast , lunch  & early dinner. There will be no hot food served after 7 p.m. –

Finsbury Square kitchen will be given a mandate by[…]

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GA Minutes – 7pm Wednesday 7th December 2011

Minutes for the General Assembly 7pm, 7th December 2011
Facilitator: Phil
Theme: Outreach
Intro: by J of the Outreach WG.
Outreach WG has produced badges, posters, flyers, networked with the public, organized outreach events, hosted a national outreach event, organized for occupy speakers to visit groups.
Upcoming outreach events: 15th December, ‘Occupy Everywhere’
This can[…]

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GA Minutes – 7pm Monday 12th December 2011

General Assembly 12.12.11
Facilitator: Sasquia
Minutes: Phil
Ad Hoc today due to no process today at 5pm
Working Group Feedback,
Announcement from Glasgow
Discussion on Statement of Autonomy
Shout outs
Consensus explained
Announcements and working group feedback:
-There is a Gale coming in. Tonight we need to check over tent lines.[…]

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GA Minutes – 1pm Wednesday 7th December 2011

Minutes for the General Assembly, 1pm, 07/12/2010
Legal Eviction WG: still needs witness statements for eviction case
Legal Reform WG: meeting Saturday 14:00
Outreach WG: meeting at 14:00 at Salvation Army
Economics WG: meeting at Costa on cheapside today @ 17:00
Coordination WG: Has been uploading WG email contacts online but needs more WG details[…]

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GA Minutes – 7pm Tuesday 13th December 2011

Minutes Tuesday 13th December 2011
Location: Tent City University
Event: Evening General Assembly of Occupy London
Date: Tuesday 13th December 2011
Facilitator: Saskia
Minutes: John
Weather: Cold winds, after the storm.
Started 7.16
Facilitator: Explains consensus and hand signals…
We have a little group to sing, please listen beautifully.
[insert group and song name]

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GA Minutes – 7pm Saturday 3rd December 2011

Minutes for the General Assembly 7pm
Facilitator: Phil
Co Facilitator: none
Minutes: unknown
Intro: Consensus explained, hand signals, Agenda read out
Working Group Feedback:
International Commission: 10th December is Human Rights Day. There will be talks in the TCU. Meet at BofI on 4th December @ 5pm to coordinate.
Health and[…]

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