Born to be poor

It’s tempting to say ‘when will this government learn’ however then one thinks about the government and it’s not so much ignorance as arrogance.   It seems then that post the introduction of the £80bn Funding for Lending Scheme (FLS) over the summer the chief beneficiaries have been, yes you guessed it, the banks.   The FLS[…]

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Get ready for #GlobalNoise!

On October 13th Occupy London will be throwing a street party to mark it’s one year anniversary. Come outside the London Stock Exchange from 2pm to 5pm, and bring music, food, games, colourful banners….and pots and pans!
We will be joining people all over the world in a #GlobalNoise, a global day of protest to[…]

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Episode 1 Olympics!

We discuss the Olympic Games with Fanny Malenan and Steve Rushton.

Episode 1 Olympics!! by Occupy Radio on Mixcloud[…]

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Episode 3 – Money and Banking

This week Clive Menzies from the Occupy London economics group discusses money, the banking system and what we can do. Plus music from Lowkey, Akala and Cassette Boy.


Money and the Banking System by Occupy Radio on Mixcloud[…]

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Charles Eisenstein

I caught up with Charles Eisenstein at the Royal Festival Hall. We discussed many Occupy related issues. Eisenstein is the author of Sacred Economics and Ascent of Humanity.

Charles Eisenstein – Part 1 by Occupy Radio on Mixcloud

Charles Eisenstein – Part 2 by Occupy Radio on Mixcloud[…]

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Hi folks Bohemia update:
Weds 12-1 pm yoga weds 6pm cabaret workshop, and weds 6-10 pm board games night,
Thurs 4-6 pm home education group,
Fri 7-11 pm burlesque cabaret,
Sat 1-2 pm yoga,
Sunday 3-6 pm share cooking 6-8 pm people’s kitchen share feast.
More info up soon on
Face book: Our Bohemia[…]

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The Bohemia Community Project and Agent Burlieque invite you to a night of cheekiness, mischief and fun!
An evening of Underground Burlesque and Cabaret awaits as you enter the doors of North London’s newest community and events space, Our Bohemia.
Music, Entertaintment and just a little debauchery!
A little too hot under the collar? Our[…]

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Episode 2 – Mass arrests, Tony Blair and poetry.

Poetry from Pete the Temp, news, an interview with Ryan Hickey on Critical Mass and more.

Episode 2 – Mass arrests, Tony Blair and poetry. 4/8/12 by Occupy Radio on Mixcloud[…]

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Participatory Economics – Occupy Radio interviews Robin Hahnel

I caught up with Robin Hahnel in central London and we had a chat about his alternative to capitalism. Check it out!

Participatory Economics – An interview with Robin Hahnel by Occupy Radio on Mixcloud[…]

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