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The Occupy London Website is a platform which has been created specifically to allow Occupy London to share it’s activities online.

It reflects the three levels of engagement of Occupy:

the General Assembly, the Working Groups and the Individual.

Moderation will be undertaken to ensure that it reflects as faithfully as possible Occupy London. It will follow the Occupy London Online Safer Space Policy.

There will be different levels of moderation:

a. Working group moderation.

Each working group is responsible for moderating their own space and can decide to make their own forum more or less open according to the amount of online participation they would like, and the amount of workforce that they have to moderate that space.

Each working group choses there moderators within there members and through the decision making process they prefer.

b. Event and blog post moderation.

Each working group has access to posting events on the calendar and posts on the blog.

If a post is considered as not representative of Occupy London, it is sufficient for 3 working group admins, to decide to delete such a post. One of the 3 working groups must be the Press WG, unless the controversial post is of the Press WG itself. Moderation can include also asking a WG to post lest blog post as they are becoming to dominant compared to the activity of the other WGs.

c. Individual account moderation.

Individual accounts can be banned if they are not respecting the online platforms safer space policies. It is sufficient for 3 moderators (working group admins or website admins) to decide if an individual account should be banned from the website.

d. The admins of the website are a team of people that have been working the online platforms and have proven to be trustworthy and skilled. The Ga gives the mandate to the website admins to decide who will be a new admin. The website admins must reach consensus when accepting new admins.

Finally, working groups spaces will be created only for those working groups that have been approved through Occupy London procedures in place at the time.

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