Notes of informal meeting after WG assembly

Notes of informal meeting after WG assembly

Attendees: Peter C., John, Tina, Dave, Em, Vica, Jonathan, Tim.


- there is no clarity on the process to set up a WG

- Consensus from GA?

- Temperature check at GA?

- Announcement at GA?

- There needs to be a clear process in place.

Remit/mandate of WGs:

- WGs should state clearly their mandate

- The GA could suggest what it would like the WG’s remit to be

Differentiation of WGs:

- Operational (finance, press, …)

- Debate and action ( economics, corporations,…)

- Action (eviction protection, remembrance day,…)

Autonomy and Accountability of WGs:

- clarity on what needs GA approval

- how can occupiers register disapproval of conduct of WG

- level of autonomy could be determined by type of WG (see above)

WG Assembly could be used more:

- to solve issues between WGs

- to improve collaboration

- could have themed break out groups at end of meeting

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