Minutes StopTTIP meeting 02.12.13 at LARC

NoTTIP’s Docs Minutes StopTTIP meeting 02.12.13 at LARC

Report of StopTTIP meeting 2.12.13


11 people

5 apologies – reports sent

· Good news re UNITE venue for future meetings (will use from new year)

· Website: London group that does a lot of NGO sites and is onside with issue will work with Nik, who has server sorted. Brainstorm of what we want on website

· Discussion of relationship – StopTTIP/Occupy. No strong preference. StopTTIP is an Occupy group as long as work is not interrupted i.e. focus on campaign. Name remains StopTTIP (UK). Separate website

· Updates from focus areas – GM, fracking, Food Quality Directive, Intellectual Property, BBC – a lot of good work already – researching, summaries for group, outreach to other groups

· Update from Trade Justice Movement – is 50 groups, all but one opposing TTIP. Planning EP election campaign – candidates’ pledge against ISDS

· Update on what’s happening with the TTIP – leaked spin strategy and how it’s being enacted, Labour MEP sell-out on ISDS.

· Activist meeting in Brussels next week

· Dec 7th South London People’s Assembly. TTIP workshop. Small leaflet to encourage people to come to workshop. Information sheet for attendees.

· Speaking opportunity at Kings student discussion session against hard core neolibs Dec 5th

· Discussion about call for exemption of NHS, as useful emergency and awareness-raising strategy re wider campaign against TTIP. Ongoing.

· Approaches to EU politicians and MEPs, esp those who may be prepared to rebel. Two model letters to be prepared.

· Need someone focussed on financial service regulation area of the TTIP

Next meeting 16th December in Unite Union HQ Offices. Holborn.

What do we want on a StopTTIP website?

From brainstorm meeting 2.12.13

About us, how we got together, having meetings

Information about TTIP

Events calendar

What you can do

Articles from elsewhere – feed


Groups that exist elsewhere – links

Section on affected areas e.g. food , fracking, BBC, climate change (people are researching these)

Individual stories – how they will be affected i,e, a bit of persnal experience

Archives – meeting notes, updates

Also – explanation of terms and/or undermining of spin terms

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